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Animals on Set: Man's Best Friend in Family Movies

By Sarah Hartland on August 26, 2020

It's National Dog Day! So, why not explore the roles of dogs in cinema? After all, everyone loves movies with dogs in them. Dogs on screen have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike since “Lassie” and  “Where the Red Fern Grows,” but the pups on screen are more than mere carefree pets — they’re working actors, just like their human counterparts.

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American Idol Star Turns to Faith to Win Life-Threatening Battle

By Billy Hallowell on May 17, 2018

“American Idol” alum Scott MacIntyre has faced his fair share of trials and tribulations. Born blind, MacIntyre later experienced kidney failure, pain, and uncertainty as he awaited two transplants — difficult and draining experiences that led him and his wife, Christina, to rely on their faith in God as they faced the unknown.

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You'll Never Believe Who Made this Inspirational Movie

By Sarah Hartland on May 2, 2018

Some of your favorite Christian movies don’t come from fancy Hollywood studios — instead, movies like “God’s Compass” and now “Extraordinary” were made almost entirely by a student crew. Liberty University’s film program brings talented students together during their junior year to collaboratively work on a feature-length film.

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Want to Write a Movie? 'Lucky's Treasure' Writer Shares Best Tips

By Sarah Hartland on August 16, 2017

Like most faith-based films, “Lucky’s Treasure” was made possible by a group of like-minded talent coming together to make something for God’s glory and audiences’ entertainment. Screenwriter Claire Hutchinson spoke with Pure Flix Insider recently about how this Christian movie came together, and shared her best tips for aspiring screenwriters.

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3 min read

Here’s How One Christian Actress is Influencing Hollywood

By Sarah Hartland on July 26, 2017

From “Star Trek: Into Darkness” to “God’s Not Dead 2,” Gianna Simone’s career story is one of faith shining brightly in the center of Hollywood. Now, Simone is co-starring in the first-ever Christian sit-com

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4 min read

Ben Davies on 'I'm Not Ashamed': 'Do The Story Justice'

By Sarah Hartland on May 22, 2017

Making a movie is full of challenges and unexpected twists, and when that movie is based on a true story, the pressure only increases. That’s what Ben Davies, co-star of “I’m Not Ashamed,” recently spoke about with Pure Flix Insider. The film tells the story of the first victim of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, Rachel Joy Scott. A welcome focus on the hope and impact of a life well-lived, it is a surprising take on an otherwise tragic event, and a story Davies said he felt convicted to “get right.”

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5 min read

Melissa Joan Hart Exclusive! - God's Not Dead 2

By Sarah Hartland on April 26, 2017

Melissa Joan Hart, star of the hit Christian movie, “God’s Not Dead 2” recently spoke with Pure Flix Insider about faith and filming. This exclusive interview reveals just some of what makes “God’s Not Dead 2” and its characters so unique.

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Behind the Scenes of A True Story: 'Badge of Faith'

By Sarah Hartland on April 8, 2017

One fateful night in Roanoke, Va., Officer Bryan Lawrence was kicked in the face and beaten  during an arrest, leaving him paralyzed. It wasn’t his injury though, but his response to it, that still inspires people several years later. In 2014, the Christian movie “Badge of Faith” told his story, and now that film is streaming on for even more families to enjoy.

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‘Summer Snow’: A Christian Movie Made By Brother-Sister Team

By Sarah Hartland on March 31, 2017

Now streaming on, “Summer Snow” is a Christian movie made by a brother-sister team with American Family Studios. The uplifting film is about three siblings and their father learning to live after their mother passes away. Full of humor and heartwarming moments, “Summer Snow” was written and produced for families, by a family: Kendra and Jeremy White.

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'One Life to Live' Star Shares How God Changed Her Life, Career

By Sarah Hartland on February 22, 2017

Pictured above: ‘Courageous Love’ director Daniel Knudsen with Patricia Mauceri

From Broadway, to a television soap opera, to Christian film and beyond, Patricia Mauceri is known as a seasoned actress, coach, and mentor. Patricia grew up a Brooklyn girl with her eye on law school, until a nun at her Catholic high school suggested she had a “flair for the dramatic.” This talent would eventually land Patricia in role after role, including her most recent in the Christian movie, “Courageous Love,” now on

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3 min read

'Encounter' Series Fans: More From Your Favorite Characters

By Sarah Hartland on January 7, 2017’s first original family TV series, “The Encounter” was recently released to an enthusiastic audience. In fact, it become the most-watched online series on our site. Based on the inspirational movies by the same name, “The Encounter” series tells stories of characters who encounter a mysterious man who seems to know each of them deeply. Through miracles big and small, these characters learn important lessons about faith, family, and hope.

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4 min read

'Heaven Bound' Producers: "This Movie Was Made With Friends"

By Sarah Hartland on December 23, 2016

If you’re looking for a fun family movie that will leave you and your kids smiling, look no further than “Heaven Bound.” This quirky story made us laugh out loud, and we know you’ll love it too. “Heaven Bound” producers Adam Drake and Torry Martin revealed in recent interviews with Pure Flix insider that working with friends was their secret to creating a comedy that keeps you laughing.

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1 min read

[Podcast] Exclusive With Producers of 'Wish for Christmas'

By Sarah Hartland on December 17, 2016

In an exclusive interview with Pure Flix Insider, producers Alexandra Boylan and John Graham gave us a behind the scenes look at their latest film, “Wish for Christmas,” now available on

Topics: Podcasts Behind the Scenes
7 min read

[Podcast] Behind the Scenes with the Cast of 'Divine Will'

By Sarah Hartland on December 7, 2016

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes roundtable interview with Pure Flix Insider, the cast and producers of the new musical drama “Divine Will” shared stories from on set. In this special podcast interview, you’ll hear:

Topics: Podcasts Behind the Scenes
3 min read

7 Lines in "Wish for Christmas" You Won't Find in the Script

By Sarah Hartland on December 4, 2016

If you haven’t seen “Wish for Christmas” yet, you’re missing out on one of the most popular family movies on “Wish for Christmas” is the story of a self-centered high schooler named Anna, who wishes her parent’s faith away when they insist she attend Christmas Eve service instead of the town’s Winter Ball. What follows teaches her the value of faith, friendship, selfless love, and the true meaning of Christmas.

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3 min read

Behind the Scenes: Stunts on 'Revelation Road'

By Sarah Hartland on November 12, 2016

The world of "Revelation Road" is full of mystery, drama, and action, and all of these elements come to life on screen thanks to well executed stunts and special effects. In an exclusive interview with David A.R. White, who stars as Josh in the "Revelation Road" saga, David shared what it took to make this world come to life on screen.

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