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Updated on October 9, 2019 by Billy Hallowell Billy Hallowell

‘The Beverlys’ Star Raya Sunshine Mullan Takes You Behind the Scenes

Raya Sunshine Mullan, one of the stars of Pure Flix’s new original kids series “The Beverlys,” recently offered up some fun-filled, behind-the-scenes details about the show.

Mullan, who plays an orphaned young girl named Gabby in the series, described her character as “sassy,” fun and spirited (you can watch her in action here).

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“She has a bit of an attitude, but she does warm up in some scenes,” Mullan said. “We’re actually very similar. She’s always dancing and having fun and doing her own thing. We’re very similar in that way.”

Watch Mullan take you behind-the-scenes of “The Beverlys”: 

Mullan also discussed her favorite memories on set, and praised co-stars Jamie Grace and Tommy Blaze as amazing, fun, energetic and exciting to work with. 

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You can stream “The Beverlys” right now on PureFlix.com. It’s a show that centers on three gifted orphans who are discovered by embattled record producer Tommy Beverly. You can also see thousands of other movies, TV shows and original programs with your free, 30-day trial

We’ll leave you with an interview with Mullan’s co-star Mia Damico, who plays Kayla in the series:

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