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On May 5th we launched our #PrayItForward video campaign, inspired by the Pure Flix exclusive release of  “Until Forever.” The #PrayItForward campaign was our way of praying with you for cancer patients, families, and caretakers. It’s been incredible to watch prayers flood social media, knowing each and every prayer offers a bit of hope and inspiration for those affected by cancer. founder and actor, David A.R. White, wants to personally thank you for responding to the call to join our #PrayItForward campaign.


Thanks for Praying It Forward

Below are just some of the prayers  you posted. As you read through, pray with each post and keep Christ’s promise in your heart: “Where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20)

How the #PrayItForward Campaign Began

The #PrayItForward campaign was inspired by the Pure Flix exclusive release of the movie, “Until Forever,” which follows the  true and captivating story of young Michael Boyum. When Michael was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia, his incredible faith and strong prayer life carried him and his family through his illness. Michael Boyum’s legacy of faith lives on in this campaign as we join our prayers for cancer patients, caretakers, and families.

We believe that prayer is the most important conversation of the day, and we should take everything to God before anyone else.  Please continue to pray for those affected by cancer. If you post your prayers on FaceBook with the hashtags, #PureFlix and #PrayItForward, you can be assured that we will see your post and be there to #PrayItForward with you.

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