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Saddle Up! Here Are Some of the Best Horse Movies

Horses have been mankind’s helpers since ancient times. They are not only workers and racers, but sources of comfort and even therapy for thousands of people in need. It’s no surprise that movies have included horses since the first silent films were made. From cowboy movies and westerns, and even a modern sci-fi series, horses are proven movie stars. Here are some of the best horse movies that also provide great life lessons:

“Texas Rein”

Texas Rein | Pure Flix

Horses often serve to draw distant family members back together. Such is the case with Splash, the real star of the movie, “Texas Rein.”

Cassie is a former rodeo queen whose life hasn’t gone in the direction she hoped. A string of bad decisions leave her running from her past until she gets a call that her father, Marvin, is ill and needs her help. Her plan is to leave as quickly as possible, until she meets Splash, a prize-winning quarter horse. When Cassie decides she wants to compete in the International Equestrian Games with Splash, she recruits Chase, a local trainer, to help. However, Cassie’s discovers that her biggest challenge of all is letting go of her past.

“Texas Rein” is a movie rich with themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the hope of second chances.

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“Steps of Faith”

Steps of Faith | Pure Flix

When Faith Houston feels a call from God to leave her accounting job to work on a farm that provides horse therapy for troubled children, even her own family laughs. Even though Houston is terrible at handling both horses and children, she believes this is from God and presses on. Her struggles provide the movie with comic relief as she is pushed to handle tasks with no training.

She almost gives up entirely when a child is nearly injured by a horse. She questions whether she really heard the voice of God at all. While the film is full of lighthearted moments of comedy, an inspirational story shines through.

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“All Roads Lead Home”

All Roads Lead Home | Pure Flix

Twelve-year-old Belle loved animals, but the death of her mother changes everything for her. Soon, her personality shifts, and she becomes sullen and withdrawn. When she rebels against her father, she is sent to live with her grandmother, a tough woman who runs a horse ranch. There, Belle rediscovers joy in life and becomes closer to God with the help of her grandmother and the animals on the ranch.

Watch Now: "All Roads Lead Home

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