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This weekend, take a break from what’s new and trending and binge on some classics. Start browsing a list of the oldies and you’ll remember why many of them are still favorites. offers a wide variety of classic TV shows and movies online that you can stream from any device.

Why Watch Classics?

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Whether it is a classic play by Shakespeare, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, or just a classic TV series from the “good ol’ days,” we appreciate classic works because they are the foundation for most modern-day entertainment. Remember: a classic work is not old, it’s timeless! Here’s why you should add some classics to this weekend’s watch list:

  • Much of today’s movie culture is derived from the classics. For example, every remake of “King Kong” has started with the 1933 original. Horror films seek to recreate Alfred Hitchcock’s original intensity while romantic films seek to emulate the poignant emotions in “Casablanca”.
  • In today’s world of computer generated imagery and special effects, it’s important to appreciate the pioneers that came before. Filmmakers used to put an incredible amount of time and care into innovating without the use of high-tech tools. For example, Basil Rathbone’s "Sherlock Holmes Collection", is a great rendition of a classic character with cutting- edge colorization and digital technology in a time where filmmakers didn’t have the tools they do today.
  • Storylines transcend time. Remakes and renditions of the same movies are so common due to the fact that old stories touch something deep inside. People watch movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” year after year because they have messages that bear repeating.
  • Classics give historical context. Homeschool parents often add video to homeschool curriculum because it makes the past come alive. Anyone can enjoy classic movies while benefitting from the historical perspective they offer.

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Best Classics to View Today

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If you haven’t laughed in awhile, get the family together and sit down with Larry, Curly and Moe in a TV special of “The Three Stooges”. Other great classic series to reminisce on are:

  • Dick Van Dyke” Fan Favorites – See all the favorites you’ve forgotten, like Episode 106 where Rob and Laura recall the night they met.
  • Lassie” – Lassie Come Home was originally a novel, but fans loved it so much MGM turned it into six feature films and a TV series. Experience it again or view it for the first time on
  • Beverly Hillbillies” – When the Clampetts strike it rich, they move from the country to the heart of Beverly Hills. Reconnect with Jethro Bodine, Elly May, Jed, and Granny when you sit down with the classic “Beverly Hillbillies” series.
  • Abbott and Costello” – A popular team in comedy history, Abbott and Costello present their best routines in a two-part series on
  • The Doris Day Show” – Doris’ character decides to move back to her family’s ranch after living in the big city for years. Watch the first three seasons online at

Keep the good times rolling with The Clean Classics Movie Guide. Download your free copy today to watch classic movies online, learn trivia, and gain behind-the-scenes secrets from your old favorites!

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