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There’s only one place to stream “Faith of Our Fathers”, the movie that shines a light on the powerful bond between fathers and sons as well as brotherhood: Joining “Do You Believe?” as a Pure Flix streaming video exclusive, “Faith of Our Fathers” explores how two very different sons deal with their fathers’ experience in the Vietnam War. It’s a tale of the enduring bonds between fathers and sons and discovering how new brotherhoods develop.

The story begins with one son, John Paul George (Kevin Downes), wanting to find out more about his father, who died in Vietnam. He discovers some old letters in his garage that mentions Eddie Adams, a fellow serviceman.

He eventually tracks down his son, Wayne (David A.R. White), who couldn’t be more different. While John is a good-hearted believer, Wayne is an angry, cynical non-believer. The only thing they seemingly have in common is the shared need to find out more about their fathers.

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Eventually, they plan a road trip to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in hopes of finding out more about their fathers’ war experiences. Amid flashbacks of the war along the journey, Wayne discovers that his father was introduced to the Lord’s Prayer by John’s father.

Now it’s up to him as to whether he will accept Christ.

While no one will ever portray the Vietnam War in a positive light, "Faith of Our Fathers" is worthwhile simply because it reminds us of the powerful bond between fathers and sons, and that even in tragedy, faith and hope can often emerge.

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