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We often look to our pastors for guidance, advice and biblical knowledge. But sometimes we forget that preachers — just like us — face various life challenges. And that's the message you'll see in the following list of movies about pastors.

These films, which are all streaming right now on, offer up comedy, drama and so much more. But each movie also gives a lens into what it's like to be a pastor.

Here are six movies about preachers worth watching today:

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"A Man Called Jon"

A Man Called Jon

Pastor Jon's energetic style of worship doesn't always align with his less-than-accepting congregants. Where will God lead him next?

Watch "A Man Called Jon" right now on

"Altar Egos"

Altar Egos

An over-the-top church comedy, where a small town pastor tries to rescue his dying church by being a blessing ... in disguise.

Watch the trailer for "Altar Egos" right now on



The story of a pastor who turned to songwriting in times of trouble.

Watch "Indescribable" right now on

"Me Again"

Me Again

A wish for "a different life" comes true, but it's not at all what Pastor Chaplin had in mind.

Watch the trailer for "Me Again" right now on

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"If Not For His Grace"

If Not For His Grace

Reverend Randolph leads the charge to keep the neighborhood peaceful before a tragedy threatens to tear their loving family and their community apart.

Watch the trailer for "If Not For His Grace" right now on

That completes our list of movies about pastors. For thousands of other inspiring and uplifting movies, TV shows, documentaries and original programs, head over to and claim your free 30-day trial today!

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