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Are you looking for some powerful and entertaining kids' TV series and movies that you can stream right now with your kids?

Here's a list of some exclusive and now-streaming titles your children will love — content that is currently available on with your free trial:

"Sea Kids"


Freddy, David, Melissa, and their friends find themselves navigating the rough waters of peer pressure, temptation, fear, dealing with bullies, lack of self-esteem, and so much more. Each episode shows the characters praying to Jesus, asking Him for guidance and wisdom.

Watch the trailer for "Sea Kids" on

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"The Beverlys"


Tommy agrees to take in three orphans as a last-ditch effort to save his career. Jamie does her best to help, but complete chaos ensues as the girls arrive; however, the girls surprise musical talents give Tommy a great idea! 

Watch the trailer for "The Beverlys" on

“FishTales 2”


When Fifi and her best friend Lilly the whale get lost during a field trip to visit a sunken ship, they embark on an incredible adventure to return home and reunite a lost sea horse with her parents.

Watch “FishTales 2” on

"Friends & Heroes" 


In this series, Bible stories are brought to life as kids step inside a fun-filled, friendly world.

Watch the trailer for "Friends & Heroes" on

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“The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone”


A long-lost treasure transports two teenagers into the past. Watch what happens as they embark on a powerful journey.

Watch “The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone” on

We hope you and your family enjoy these movies and TV shows — and if you’re looking for even more amazing entertainment that you can stream right now, be sure to tune in to for thousands of other faith and family friendly movies, TV shows and more. This is all accessible with your free trial!

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