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Updated on November 12, 2019 by Billy Hallowell Billy Hallowell

10 Movies About Prophecy and the End Times You'll Want to See

Eschatology, or the study of the end times, is a hot topic in Christian circles — especially as headlines surrounding Israel and the Middle East continue to dominate the news cycle.

These themes have also become a mainstay of a plethora of faith-based feature films. And many of these movies are streaming right now on PureFlix.com. You can take PureFlix.com for a test drive today to watch these films with your free 30-day trial today!

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Here are 10 end-times titles to stream today:

"The Mark" 

The Mark

Focusing on the prophecy in Revelation that the mark of the beast will be required to buy and sell, these movies follow ex-military man, Chad Turner, as he finds himself marked and tries to stop the same from happening to the rest of the world.

Watch "The Mark" right now on PureFlix.com.

"Left Behind"

Left Behind

As chaos and anarchy engulf the world, two men set out on vastly different paths in a desperate search for answers.

Watch "Left Behind" right now on PureFlix.com.

"Left Behind II: Tribulation Force"

Left Behind Tribulation Force

In a moment, the world has forever changed and a journalist must expose the truth about a new leader and the prophesied evil he represents.

Watch "Left Behind II: Tribulation Force" right now on PureFlix.com.

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"Left Behind III: World at War"

Left Behind 3

In the third "Left Behind" installment the world falls into chaos as Nicolae Carpathia detonates nuclear devices across the globe and stages multiple devastating attacks against both the Tribulation Force and an international militia, led by U.S. President Gerald Fitzhugh.

Watch "Left Behind: World At War" right now on PureFlix.com.

"Jerusalem Countdown"

Jerusalem Countdown

In this "24"-like story of terror and the fight for peace, agent Shane Daughtry teams up with a CIA agent to stop an apocalyptic plot that will detonate nuclear bombs on American soil. The movie is based on the best-selling novel by John Hagee.

Watch "Jerusalem Countdown" right now on PureFlix.com.

"Revelation Road"

Revelation Road

The Rapture takes place as traveling salesman Josh McManus stops a robbery by a vicious biker gang, then he tries to get home to his family in the midst of the resulting chaos.

Watch the trailer for "Revelation Road" right now on PureFlix.com.

"Revelation Road 2"

Revelation Road 2

Getting home could prove to be impossible for Josh McManus, if not for some unexpected help. Check out the second installment of "Revelation Road."

Watch the trailer for "Revelation Road 2" right now on PureFlix.com.

"Revelation Road 3"

Revelation Road 3

After "The Event" Josh McManus is back and looking for the mysterious "Shepherd," putting his faith to the ultimate test. Check out the third installment of "Revelation Road."

Watch the trailer for "Revelation Road 2" right now on PureFlix.com.

"The Moment After"

The Moment After

In the twinkling of an eye, a mass disappearance has occurred. The FBI is called in to investigate and locate those missing. As Agents Adam Riley and Charles Baker search for the truth, a government conspiracy is uncovered.

Watch "The Moment After" right now on PureFlix.com.

"The Moment After 2: The Awakening"

The Moment After 2

Former FBI agent Adam Riley reunites with his friend and mentor Jacob Krause, leader of The Way, and his small remnant of Christians. Little do they know of the forces that are out for their destruction.

Watch "The Moment After 2" right now on PureFlix.com.

These are only some of the end times movies and films now streaming on PureFlix.com!  Enjoy your free 30-day trial, and get to watching these great films today!

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