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Moms: Rest Easy With These 3 TV Shows Your Children Will Love

Moms know that in today’s world you must be diligent about what your kids see and hear in the media. Even cartoons are loaded with messages that conflict with the beliefs and values you try to instill in your children. There are very few sources of clean entertainment available that you don’t have to preview or monitor. Rest easy with these three uplifting, wholesome and entertaining TV shows that you can be confident in.

“My Fairy Tales”

My Fairy Tales | Pure Flix

For generations, fairy tales have enchanted children with their entertaining stories about magic, legends and myths. “My Fairy Tales” passes down these beloved stories in animated form that will captivate your children and convey a positive message.

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The stories are clean alternatives to characters that your kids may be familiar with. “Snow White” represents the triumph of good over those who covet merely outward beauty. “Beauty and the Beast” teaches about kindness and inner beauty. “King Arthur” tells of a young man who prevails because of his good heart and pure intentions. Many other stories convey lessons of hope, love, and courage in a cartoon format your kids will love.

Watch Now:My Fairy Tales

“Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs”

Harry and HIs Bucket Full of Dinosaurs | Pure Flix

This cartoon series is based on the popular books by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds. In the series, Harry enjoys adventures with his bucketful of dinosaur toys. Harry dives into the bucket, which transports him to Dinoworld. Each episode teaches an important lessons about imagination, fear, friendship, and much more. There is even an episode that teaches about cleaning your room! The adventures are perfectly suited for capturing the attention of young minds and are a delight even for older kids.

Watch Now:Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

“Super Geek Heroes”

Super Geek Heros | Pure Flix

“Super Geek Heroes” is particularly aimed at young children. This series creatively demonstrates skills, such as counting and colors, as superpowers. The heroes use these “superpowers” to succeed in their adventures. The heroes are Ant Active, Jake Jotter, Millie Maths, Peter Planet, Ronnie Rock, Suzie Smiles, and Vicky Voice. Together, they will take your kids through imaginative stories designed to delight small children while teaching them valuable skills.

Lessons include phonics, counting, healthy foods, colors, sports and exercise, and much more. Your kids will love the “Super Geek Heroes” and may learn to become little heroes themselves.

Watch Now: "Super Geek Heroes”

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