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To be an actor or actress with high moral standards can be tricky in today’s world. Pure Flix’s mission is to “change the culture for Christ,” and the cast of Pure Flix’s original series, “The Encounter,” are using their talents to do just that. Pure Flix Insider recently sat down with some cast members of “The Encounter” to discuss how their faith influences their performances, their favorite memories on set, and the message behind the show. Here's what they had to say:

Faith in Hollywood

Pure Flix Insider asked cast members to share how their faith impacts their careers and their performances in “The Encounter."

“From a faith perspective and a Christian perspective, I’ve had to be very selective in most of the roles I would play. Tweet: At the end of the day its got to have a message that is positive, says Christian actor @dane_e_connor the end of the day its got to have a message that is positive, and I can’t get into anything that would compromise my morals or beliefs, and that is challenging in Hollywood. It really is. But it’s doable, as evidenced by this new series.”

-Dane E. Connor, “The Heist” (premiering Oct. 21)

“My personal faith and relationship with Jesus shaped my performance in that I wanted [my character] to be a good wife, a Proverbs 31 woman. My parents have been marital counsellors for so many couples, and one of the wisest things my mother ever taught me is that to feel loved women need to be cherished, and men need to be respected. A wife should never EVER bad mouth her husband and gossip about him to her friends. Scripture says that breeds dissension, and dissension clears the path for divorce. Please don't mistake gossip and seeking wise counsel, but as a general rule, Tweet: the easiest way a woman can show her husband respect is to lift him up and not tear him down. So that advice carried over into my performance (and obviously my own marriage). So ladies, take a note from [my character]: trust God, pray for your husbands, and be a Christ like example!”

-Jen Lilley, “Just Believe” (premiering Nov. 11)


Jen Lilley as Nora in the episode, "Just Believe."

“With acting you can’t really predict what you’re going to do, so to be able to trust the Lord and say, you know, I really take this serious, and I really want to represent you, because I want people to know that you are real, that this is a relationship, it's real. And I experienced it. Being on set and organically being able to do something and bring words to life and portray a character is really special, and I attribute all that to trusting in the Lord.”

-Christine Scholle, “Just Believe” (premiering Nov. 11)

“I do believe that anyone can change no matter what, so my faith influenced [my character] by giving her the hope for redemption. I hope people take away that when people make mistakes, if you have enough faith, you can be redeemed. I feel like God has used my talents to inspire other people and to prove that redemption is possible even from the darkest of places. Tweet: If you have God by your side, anything is possible. you have God by your side, anything is possible.”

-Chloe Wick, “Just Believe” (premiering Nov. 11)

Favorite Memories from the Set of “The Encounter” Series 

-Dane E. Connor, “The Heist” (premiering Oct. 21)

“I just felt like it was the hand of God on the set, there’s just no way I could have planned it, it was very organic, and lines just happened. And probably when we were in the praying scene- that was a very highly emotional scene. Tears just fell, and I can't take credit for it. I’m just happy that the Lord allowed me to be the vessel to interpret this [character].”

-Christine Scholle, “Just Believe” (premiering Nov. 11)

"I love starting off a day of shooting with a cup of coffee and a prayer, thankful for another days work and dedication of these endeavors to His glory. I hope this series can be a witness to those who have yet to believe and reassurance to those who do."

-Kass Connors, "Maximum Mike" (premiering Dec. 9)

-Cristina Cibrian, "Disconnected" (premiering Nov. 25)

“I think my favorite part of being on 'The Encounter' is just being around such creative people. Being on set everyone was so wonderful. Each day I felt very blessed to be on set.”

-Chloe Wick, “Just Believe” (premiering Nov. 11)


Chloe Wick as Jenna in the episode, "Just Believe." 

The Message Behind “The Encounter”

"To me these stories exemplify the message of the unconditional love from Christ to mankind, offering redemption through his sacrifice for our sins, if we choose to accept it. He knows us. Tweet: He is aware of all of our transgressions, and yet he is still our advocate."

-Kass Connors, "Maximum Mike" (premiering Dec. 9)

“The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him and all of the gifts that He's given us. If we can give back to Him and praise Him and shine a spotlight on Him, then people can get to know Christ just because they can relate to something. I would just want people to know that everybody is special in God’s eyes. Just trust God, and just bring it to the altar. Give of yourself, don't try to be like someone else, and just be you.”

-Christine Scholle, “Just Believe” (premiering Nov. 11)

“I think stories are such a powerful thing for people, because they can relate to them and realize they’re not the only ones struggling through certain issues. I feel like this story can motivate people to really look to God for answers.”

-Chloe Wick, “Just Believe” (premiering Nov. 11)

Episode one of the Pure Flix original series, “The Encounter” premiered Oct. 21 on You can watch the show for free with your one month free trial! For more behind the scenes footage and exclusive interviews, follow Pure Flix on Facebook.

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