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Filmmaker and apologist Ray Comfort is on a mission to change hearts and minds about abortion. Comfort, who has long spoken out about pro-life principles, recently released a new documentary that explores the most common reasons people justify abortion.

In “7 Reasons,” a film that will be streaming on starting May 9, Comfort challenges viewers to think deeper about life through a series of discussions he has with people who support abortion.

“I’ve been horrified with the issue of abortion for years,” Comfort recently told “Pure Talk,” a talk show that covers entertainment and culture. “I put together this film, which looks at the seven major reasons people justify abortion.”

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Watch Comfort explain the power of “7 Reasons”:

He said “7 Reasons” is a powerful and convicting movie that gets viewers thinking while showing “people who are pro-abortion changing their minds on camera.”

And while Comfort wants to help people change to a pro-life perspective, his bigger goal is to see more people embrace Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

“The answer to our nation isn’t to get everyone to become pro-life and end up in hell,” he said, explaining his quest to see true life and heart change. “When someone becomes a Christian they instantly become pro-life … His will becomes our will.”

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Watch the trailer for “7 Reasons” here. Comfort also previously released the popular “180” movie back in 2011 — another powerful, pro-life film that is currently streaming at

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