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“Little House on the Prairie” warmed the hearts of countless fans in the 1970s and 80s. The award-winning family drama depicted 1800s prairie life in a way that consistently charmed audiences. Fans fell in love with Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert’s iconic performances, and the real-life (and often faith-centric) lessons touched hearts.

If you liked “Little House on the Prairie” and are aching for more western drama, you’ll love “The Redemption of Henry Myers,” now streaming online at

This western movie is more than a depiction of hard prairie life, it is also a story of the power of redemption that your whole family will love. Get your cowboys, farmers, and prairie women together for a night of Western family fun, because “The Redemption of Henry Myers” is streaming now:

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Parental Warning: Western Violence

Henry Myers (Drew Waters) lives a hard life, getting through life on the frontier however he can, even if it means robbing a bank. After his latest heist goes wrong and his partners betray him, Henry is surprised to find extraordinary kindness from a widow and her children. With the influence of this family, Henry begins to question the choices he’s made in his life. Just when things begin to make sense again, it’s all ripped away from him when his old partners show up.

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