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Filmmaker and apologist Ray Comfort is on a mission to “appeal to the conscience” of every viewer who tunes in to watch his new film, “7 Reasons” — a pro-life documentary that explores the most common reasons people justify abortion.

“It was birthed out of necessity,” Comfort told’s “Pure Talk” of the film, which is now streaming on “There’s always been a facade of, ‘It’s not really a baby.’”

The apologist is hoping to challenge this misconception, though, by diving deep into the reasons most people rely on to justify abortion.

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“There are seven reasons most people choose abortion and each one is easily dismantled if you appeal to their conscience,” Comfort said, noting that “7 Reasons” shows what happens when he interviews people and challenges them about their stance on abortion.

“I think the power of the film is the appeal to the conscience,” he said. “Everybody has an inbuilt knowledge of God … God hasn’t left anyone without moral light.”

Watch Comfort discuss the power of “7 Reasons”:

Comfort believes it’s possible to tap into this light with the right questions and insight, adding, “‘You shall not kill’ is written upon the heart.”

He also pointed to an important Bible verse about what can “destroy” people.

“Hosea 4:6 says, ‘My people are destroyed through lack of information, through lack of knowledge’ … it’s a knowledge of God’s law.” Comfort said. “The moral law, The 10 Commandments, which is written upon our hearts.”

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He said his agenda with “7 Reasons” isn’t merely to change people’s minds about abortion, but to also transform their worldview when it comes to God, the Bible and their own salvation.

“Love is such a powerful thing,” he said.  

Watch the trailer for “7 Reasons” on here.

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