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Coming to September 2018

By Sarah Hartland on August 31, 2018

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Mark your calendars, because some great family movies are coming to right in time for back to school. These independent films are sure to quickly become family favorites. Be on the lookout for:

“Shifting Gears”

Shifting Gears | Pure Flix

An overworked dad in a dead-end job spends his life savings on a “family business,” hoping it will draw his family closer. Instead, this life-altering decision wagers the family’s destiny on the unproven dirt track racing skills of their teenage son.

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“Cowgirls n’ Angels”

Cowgirls N' Angels | Pure Flix

Young Ida loves rodeos, so despite her mother’s insistence that she keep away from them, she is constantly sneaking off to see them. When the rodeo trick-riders “The Sweethearts of Rodeo” offer Ida a chance to tour the country and perform with them, she knows her mother won’t approve. Can Ida convince her mom to let her follow her dream?

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“My Many Sons”

My Many Sons | Pure Flix

“My Many Sons” follows the inspirational true story of legendary basketball coach Don Meyer, who, despite becoming wheelchair-bound after a nearly fatal car wreck, was the most winning basketball coach in NCAA history. He held that crown until 2011, when he was surpassed by Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski. His tough love left a lasting impact on the players he coached - his “many sons.”

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“The Adventures of Ociee Nash”

The Adventures of Ociee Nash | Pure Flix

Set in 1898, 9-year-old Ociee Nash loves her rural Mississippi countryside more than anything. But her rough-and-tumble spirit concerns her father, who isn’t convinced this is the life for a young lady. So Papa Nash sends his little girl to North Carolina to stay with her “refined” Aunt Mamie - but can Ociee learn to be lady-like?

“Amazed by You”

Amazed By You | Pure Flix

Five very different friends formed “The Faith Club” as young kids, and reunite years later only after one of their own is tragically killed. They return to the Dude Ranch where their deceased friend worked, but have they grown apart too much to come together when they need to? This sweet family film is the acting debut of Reese Cameron Ridenour, Kirk Cameron and Candace Cameron-Bure’s niece. Available on mid-September.

“Shake off The World”

Shake Off The World | Pure Flix

When high school football star Austin is sidelined by his coach, he finds himself on a collision course with bullies at his new school. He soon realizes that only his faith can help him learn to truly win. Available on mid-September.

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“Love, Kennedy”

Love Kennedy | Pure Flix

Sixteen-year-old Kennedy Hansen knows she’s going to die, but she’s determined not to let that be the end of her story. Her legacy of love and friendship create countless miracles. Based on a true story, this heartwarming family movie comes to mid-September.

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