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Laugh With These Christian Comedies

By Billy Hallowell on April 1, 2020

Topics: Comedy

Are you looking for a good laugh? Well, you’re in luck. If you’re looking for Christian comedy and clean comedians, you’ve come to the right place. 

Pure Flix has a plethora of Christian comedians who will leave you and your family roaring, so let’s dive into some of the Christian comedy specials and movies you can stream right now. These specials are from some of the most well-known Christian comedians around.

Christian Comedians to Stream Today

“Best of Chonda Pierce”

Watch The Best of Chonda Pierce

Looking for the best Christian comedians? Well, Chonda Pierce’s live performance of the best routines in her 10-year history is a must-watch. Recorded in 2008, this has never before been available for digital viewing, nor available at retail stores.

Watch “Best of Chonda Pierce” on

“And I Mean That In The Best Possible Way”

Watch Anita Renfroe

Anita Renfroe says: "This here video is my personal permission slip for you to take a mental health break ... take an hour for some comedy therapy. We all know you need it ... and I mean that in the best possible way." So, if you’re looking for Christian comedy, look no further.

Watch “And I Mean That In The Best Possible Way” on

“Smoking Hamsters”

Watch Smoking Hamsters

John Branyan flexes his comedic genius in a set that's equal parts funny, sharp, gut-busting, and clean. “Smoking Hamsters” features a Christian comedian who will really get you laughing.

Watch “Smoking Hamsters” on

“Michael Jr.: Laughing on Purpose”

Watch Laughing On Purpose

Christian comedians like Michael Jr. are true gems. “Laughing on Purpose” was filmed at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. Check out this outstanding debut stand-up Christian comedy from dead-pan genius Michael Jr.

Watch “Michael Jr.: Laughing on Purpose” on

“Clayburn Cox: Long Awkward Pauses”

Watch Long Awkward Pauses

Clayburn Cox is a Southern deadpan comedian with an offbeat delivery and stage presence. The title of this show says it all. He’s one of the clean comedians you’ll want to watch right now.

Watch “Clayburn Cox: Long Awkward Pauses” on

More Christian Comedy Specials

“Nazareth: Sweet Laughter”

Watch Sweet Laughter

Comedian Nazareth has performed all around the world. He has motivated Fortune 500 Corporate audiences, and is a past president of the Christian Comedy Association. Here he only deals with matters of the utmost importance, like highway construction, encouragement, being named Nazareth, food prices, hunting with a boy, health food stores, Americans who think they speak English, east meets west, knowing Jesus, and other earth-shaking topics.

Watch “Nazareth: Sweet Laughter” on


Watch Leland Klassen Citizenship

Leland Klassen's experiences being a stranger in a strange land will leave you roaring. This Christian comedy masterpiece is worth streaming today.

Watch “Citizenship” on

“Pure Flix Comedy All Stars: Sinbad”

Watch Pure Flix Comedy All Stars

Comedy icon Sinbad hosts stand-up specials you can watch with your whole family, as he presents some of today's funniest clean comics. 

Watch “Pure Flix Comedy All Stars: Sinbad” on

Want even more laughs? Consider checking out more Christian comedy and clean comedians here. And there are plenty of other series and comedic feature films that you can stream right now over at Grab a free trial here.

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