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Marissa Zimmet

Marissa Zimmet

I was born and raised just across the bay from Tampa, Florida (Go, Lightning!) and attended college at ECU in Greenville, North Carolina. I am a devout Catholic and am active in my parish in Charlotte, North Carolina. Outside of work, I love to run, hike, watch movies and hockey, and spend time with my dog, Rose, and my cat, Toasty, who are both rescues.

Recent posts by Marissa Zimmet

5 min read

Karen Abercrombie on the Message of her New Pure Flix Original Movie 'Heaven Sent'

By Marissa Zimmet on January 18, 2023

If you’ve been around here at Pure Flix, you have probably heard of, or seen one of Karen Abercrombie’s films. Abercrombie is a powerful and talented actress, who just co-wrote and executive produced the newest Pure Flix Original movie, “Heaven Sent.

10 min read

Best Country Movies Now Streaming on Pure Flix

By Marissa Zimmet on December 16, 2022

Some movie nights call for some good ol' Southern hospitality, a scoop of chili and a little country twang. Country movies don't always have to have that wild, wild west, fighting for our lives angle. At Pure Flix, we have some great Christian country movies that have a deeper message of faith, hope and trust that are suitable for the whole family.

Topics: Family-Friendly Movies Christian Movies Moonrise
12 min read

4 Life Lessons From '5000 Blankets,' The Newest AFFIRM Originals Movie Starring Anna Camp

By Marissa Zimmet on December 14, 2022

We’re very excited to announce the newest AFFIRM Originals movie, “5000 Blankets,” will be streaming exclusively on Pure Flix starting January 5, 2023. Inspired by the true story of Cyndi Bunch (played by Anna Camp) and her son, the film journeys through the events that led them to start their non-profit, Phillip’s Wish.

Topics: Pure Flix Exclusives
9 min read

'A Christmas Movie That Talks About Christ': Candace Cameron Bure Shares Heart Of Latest Christmas Film

By Marissa Zimmet on December 2, 2022

For Candace Cameron Bure, the unofficial Queen of Christmas, it’s easy to get into the holiday spirit, no matter what time of year her latest Christmas project might actually be filming.

Topics: Christmas Faith In Entertainment
11 min read

Get to Know 'Moonrise' Star & Country Singer Granger Smith

By Marissa Zimmet on November 15, 2022

When you hear Granger Smith’s name, you probably think of his record-breaking country music. Or maybe his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. Maybe you’ve heard of his Yee Yee Apparel company. Or maybe recognize the name for his and his wife’s charity, The River Kelly Fund. You might even know him as a devout Christian studying to become a pastor.

Topics: Pure Flix Exclusives Faith In Entertainment Moonrise
9 min read

Getting to the Heart of 'Saved by Grace' with Cameron Arnett & Jennifer Taylor

By Marissa Zimmet on November 10, 2022

If you haven’t been streaming the newest Pure Flix Original series “Saved by Grace” every Sunday, you’re missing out on a soon-to-be-classic series that explores themes of forgiveness, redemption and divine intervention. angels on a mission from God to intercede on behalf of ordinary people in the city of Bentonville, Arkansas.

Topics: Pure Flix Original Pure Flix Exclusives Saved by Grace
4 min read

4 Reasons To Watch 'Saved By Grace': New Pure Flix Original Series On God's Mercy, Love & Divine Intervention

By Marissa Zimmet on October 11, 2022

The first time we meet Grace in “Saved by Grace,” she intercepts Jack at a very pivotal moment – right before he does something he could regret for the rest of his life. Could this be divine intervention? We learn just a little later that it indeed is. Grace is an angel sent from God to help answer Jack’s prayers.

Topics: Pure Flix Originals Saved by Grace
4 min read

New Pure Flix Original Movie 'Nothing Is Impossible' Offers Valuable Lessons on Growth, Hardwork & Transformation

By Marissa Zimmet on October 5, 2022

For the cast and crew of the Pure Flix Original movie “Nothing Is Impossible,” the phrase is more than just a film title. It's a way of life with God. 

Topics: Pure Flix Originals Nothing Is Impossible
8 min read

Prepare For 'The Chosen' Season 2: Favorite Moments from 'The Chosen' Season 1

By Marissa Zimmet on October 4, 2022

If you haven’t watched the first season of "The Chosen" series, we’re here to convince you to stream it now before the second season arrives this month on Pure Flix. As the only show of its kind, it is fully crowd-funded and the first episodic show aimed to tell the entirety of Jesus’ life as told by the Gospels.

Topics: Pure Flix Exclusives The Chosen
10 min read

'Legacy Peak' Actor Lucas Black & Director Aaron Burns Share How Film is Truly a Story for the Kingdom

By Marissa Zimmet on September 30, 2022

Legacy Peak” is not your everyday family action and adventure movie. Sure, there’s wolf-fighting and ATV racing, but at the heart of the film, it aims to empower fathers and to place them in a loving, affirming, strong and courageous light. It encourages them to embrace their heavenly Father as well as their earthly father as role models for the most important role they’ll fill in their life.

Topics: Pure Flix Original Faith In Entertainment Legacy Peak
4 min read

What to Watch on Pure Flix: October 2022

By Marissa Zimmet on September 29, 2022

Oh my gourd - we can't be-leaf it's already October! You autumn know that we have some great movies coming to Pure Flix this upcoming month. Fall in love with these a-maize-ing movies, we promise they're full of sweet, spice and everything nice!

Topics: Movie List Nothing Is Impossible
7 min read

10 Family Friendly Movies the Whole Family Can Enjoy

By Marissa Zimmet on September 16, 2022

What's great about Pure Flix is the treasure trove of movies we have that the whole family can watch together - because of our clean and wholesome content! We've put together a list of family-friendly movies for your next family movie night, including both some long-time favorites and new family movies.


Topics: Movie List
4 min read

Love Sean Astin? Here's All His Movies Streaming on Pure Flix

By Marissa Zimmet on September 2, 2022

Sean Astin is a household name known for his roles in "Lord of the Rings" and "The Goonies." You may even recognize him from some movies on Pure Flix, but he shows up in more Pure Flix movies than you might realize! Here's the entire list of movies on Pure Flix starring Sean Astin.

Topics: Movie List
7 min read

What to Watch on Pure Flix: September 2022

By Marissa Zimmet on August 26, 2022

Grab your pumpkin spice lattes and plaid sweaters – fall is finally upon us! Celebrate the cooler weather by cuddling under a sweater blanket with your family and streaming the newest Pure Flix movies and shows for the perfect start to the season!


Topics: Movie List
3 min read

Lessons From 'Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters' to Encourage All Parents

By Marissa Zimmet on August 1, 2022

Being a father (or parent) is one of the greatest callings God can give us. The responsibility can be overwhelming and awe-inspiring.

Topics: Pure Flix Original
5 min read

Meet the Real Hollywood Couples of 'Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters'

By Marissa Zimmet on July 26, 2022

In “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters,” we meet future in-laws Steve and Connie and Carlos and Bella, two sets of parents that have different parenting styles. Both of these couples are played by real-life married couples: Steve and Connie are played by Bart Johnson and Robyn Lively while Carlos and Bella are played by David Barrera and Maria Canals-Barrera.

Both couples see differences and similarities between their personal parenting style and their characters’ style. We’re sharing what these comparisons are and how each couple became a part of the new Pure Flix Original movies “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.”

Topics: Pure Flix Exclusives Pure Flix Originals
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