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Greg Gudorf

Greg Gudorf

With 22 issued patents in networked technology and consumer electronics, Greg’s skills span retail, distribution, manufacturing and innovation development in leadership positions at Sony Electronics, Technicolor,, General Instrument (Motorola) and Digeo-Moxi (a Paul Allen venture).

As the current CEO of eSalt Media Technologies ( Greg leads the team delivering a “Faith & Family” streaming video service focused on the Pure Flix mission of “influencing culture for Christ through media”.

As founder of The Gudorf Group, Inc., Greg also works directly with Start-Ups, Innovations, and Re-Starts providing advisory, strategic planning, business development and product management support in consulting and advisory roles.

Greg has served as a business mentor with San Diego’s Chairmen’s Roundtable, a student mentor for the University of Phoenix, and as a general aviation pilot for the Young Eagles Flight program introducing youth to aviation.

A published author and a member of Toastmasters International, Greg resides in San Diego, California.

Recent posts by Greg Gudorf

5 min read

Cuddle Up to These 5 Romance Movies Online

By Greg Gudorf on January 14, 2021

Love is in the air and all around as we head into another Valentine's Day season. And what better way to celebrate it than with Christian romance movies that you and your significant other can stream at home.

Topics: Movie List Relationships Pure Flix Exclusives Romance
6 min read

Spend Date Night at Home This Week with These 5 Romantic Comedies

By Greg Gudorf on January 13, 2021

Taking time to connect with your spouse is important in keeping a relationship healthy. While many couples intend to set aside time for themselves, there are many obstacles that can get in the way.

Topics: Movie List Relationships Romantic Movies
6 min read

Watch These 7 Inspirational Movies Inspired by True Stories

By Greg Gudorf on December 22, 2020

Few stories have the power to captivate us the way movies based on true stories can. Knowing that the lives of real people – who faced and overcame difficult circumstances – inspired the movie you’re watching can provide hope and courage in the face of our own daily hardships.

Topics: Movie List Inspirational Movies
8 min read

Kevin Sorbo Movie List: A Few of His Most Loved Christian Movies

By Greg Gudorf on November 1, 2020

For any movie to be successful, you need quality actors who can bring the story to life. One of the hardest working and most versatile actors in Christian films today is Kevin Sorbo.

Topics: Christianity Influencers Movie List
3 min read

4 Family-Friendly Adventure Movies That Your Teen Will Love

By Greg Gudorf on March 31, 2018

Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” Movies about adventure can encourage heroism, courage, and a willingness to stand for what is right in the face of adversity. In a time when adventure movies seem to be little more than an excuse to display violence and bloodshed, great adventure stories can inspire us to live for a more noble purpose. Here are some adventure movies that teens will love, and the whole family can endorse.

Topics: Movie List Family-Friendly Movies
3 min read

Jane Austen meets Modern Day in ‘Austentatious’ Series

By Greg Gudorf on March 30, 2018

In a 2002 BBC poll, the British public voted author Jane Austen one of the 100 most famous Britons of all time. Austen’s life and writing had a major influence on literature that continues to this day. “Austentatious” continues her legacy in a collaboration with Austen’s popular works set in modern times. Starring several well-known actresses, “Austentatious” is a light-hearted series that will entertain and delight fans.

Topics: Lifestyle Series Inspirational Dramas
3 min read

Break a Sweat at Home with Denise Austin Workout Videos

By Greg Gudorf on March 27, 2018

You may be looking back at the gym membership you purchased at the beginning of the year and wondering why you spent (and continue to spend) the money for it. Your New Year’s resolution might not be working out as planned, but maybe the problem isn’t your lack of willpower – maybe it’s that you haven’t found the program that’s right for you.

Topics: Movies Lifestyle
4 min read

Bring Back the “Good Ol’ Days” with These 3 Classic Movies

By Greg Gudorf on March 26, 2018

In today’s hustle-and-bustle world of smartphones and electronics, it’s no wonder that sometimes you want to revisit simpler times. While the time machine hasn’t been invented (yet!) there are other great ways of reminiscing on the good ol’ days. You can get in touch with old friends, dust off some photo albums, or put on a classic movie that reminds you of your childhood.

Topics: Movie List Classic Movies Family-Friendly Movies
3 min read

‘Dead Man Rising’: A Film About Finding Redemption Through Christ

By Greg Gudorf on March 25, 2018

Movies are a powerful way to inspire and guide us through life’s difficulties. Films that illustrate how God sheds light on dark times can give us hope and encouragement that if we have faith, He will guide us.

Topics: Movies Christianity Inspirational Dramas
3 min read

Watch This Football Movie About Trusting in God Through Hardship

By Greg Gudorf on March 21, 2018

There’s an old hymn that features the words, “This world is not my home, I’m just a-passin’ through.” One of the hopes we have in looking toward Heaven as our ultimate home is that the pain, trouble, and heartaches of this life will all be behind us.

Topics: Sports Inspirational Dramas Christian Movies
2 min read

Faith, Family, and Finding Beauty from Ashes

By Greg Gudorf on March 18, 2018

Faith and family are the two most defining forces in our lives. It can be difficult to find quality entertainment that affirms and supports those tenets of our lives that we hold so dear. “Beyond the Farthest Star” is a movie that addresses finding joy during difficult times through faith and family and aims to make a positive impact.

Topics: Inspirational Movies
4 min read

3 Unbelievable Love Stories Inspired by True Events

By Greg Gudorf on March 15, 2018

Love has been the subject of prose, poetry, and song for as far back as history is recorded. Love gives us hope through dark times and carries us through sickness and sorrow. A life without love is hardly a life worth living, and there are many ways that true love stories can inspire us. Here are some movies that portray true love, inspired by real-life stories:

Topics: News Relationships Romance
3 min read

Learn to Forgive Yourself and Others with These 3 Movies

By Greg Gudorf on March 13, 2018

It’s not often that positive, uplifting messages are delivered by today’s movies or TV shows. There is, however, an amazing healing available in the power of forgiveness. Too often we lose sight of how to forgive in our lives. These movies demonstrate that virtue for us in dramatic ways that allow us to connect with each other through understanding and forgiveness.

Topics: Christianity Movie List Inspirational Movies
2 min read

This Movie About Adoption Teaches Us the True Meaning of Family

By Greg Gudorf on March 12, 2018

Finding stories that help us overcome adversity and find meaning in the important things in life can encourage us through our very real troubles. So many of today’s TV shows and movies focus on the dark side of life without providing any hope for the future, or a healthy way of dealing with trouble when it comes. “Raising Izzie” affirms the good in life and finds hope through hardship.

Topics: Family Family-Friendly Movies
3 min read

Saddle Up! Here Are Some of the Best Horse Movies

By Greg Gudorf on March 9, 2018

Horses have been mankind’s helpers since ancient times. They are not only workers and racers, but sources of comfort and even therapy for thousands of people in need. It’s no surprise that movies have included horses since the first silent films were made. From cowboy movies and westerns, and even a modern sci-fi series, horses are proven movie stars. Here are some of the best horse movies that also provide great life lessons:

Topics: Movie List Inspirational Movies Family-Friendly Movies
3 min read

Discover the Power of Hope with These Inspirational Documentaries

By Greg Gudorf on March 7, 2018

Learning about real people’s challenges and how they overcame them is a powerful reminder of the human spirit. These reminders can be especially important when we are facing our own hurdles.

Topics: Movie List Inspirational Movies Inspiration Documentaries
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