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Billy Hallowell

Billy Hallowell

Billy Hallowell has been working in journalism and media for more than a decade. His writings have appeared in Deseret News, TheBlaze, Human Events, Mediaite and on, among other outlets. Hallowell has a B.A. in journalism and broadcasting from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York and an M.S. in social research from Hunter College in Manhattan, New York.

Recent posts by Billy Hallowell

9 min read

9 Easter Movies and Shows You Can Stream Right Now

By Billy Hallowell on March 15, 2023

Are you looking for inspiring movies that will help you grow in your understanding of God, the Bible and Jesus’ death and resurrection? If so, then look no further.

Topics: Easter Movie List
3 min read

5 Powerful War Room Movie Quotes By Miss Clara

By Billy Hallowell on February 21, 2023

Miss Clara is no doubt one of the most beloved characters in the Christian film genre. The fictional octogenarian is one of the centerpieces of "War Room," a feature film by the Kendrick Brothers coming back to Pure Flix March 1 for a limited time only.

Topics: Inspirational Movies
8 min read

13 Must-Watch Movies About Love, Romance and Hope

By Billy Hallowell on February 10, 2023

With Valentine's Day upon us, you might be looking to curl up on the couch with some popcorn to watch some good romance films and movies about love. The following list of movies offers you some fun options to choose from — inspirational romantic films that you can stream right now on Pure Flix.


Topics: Movie List
6 min read

Powerful Karen Abercrombie Movies You Can Stream Now on Pure Flix

By Billy Hallowell on January 20, 2023

Actress Karen Abercrombie became a national sensation when the Kendrick Brothers' 2015 film "War Room" shot to the top spot at the box office. She portrayed Miss Clara, an octogenarian who had an intense desire to follow God. Miss Clara instantly became a fan favorite, as Karen Abercrombie's acting skills were on full display.


"War Room" is far from the only film through which the performer captivates audience. As it turns out, there are a number of other Karen Abercrombie movies worth streaming — films with powerful messages and lessons about faith, devotion to prayer and life. What better way to continue applauding her incredible acting skills by listing even more of her movies you can stream right now on Pure Flix:

Topics: Movie List
6 min read

Movies and TV Shows About Angels, Demons & Faith Worth Streaming

By Billy Hallowell on January 11, 2023

Do angels and demons exist? The Bible makes it more than clear that these spiritual entities do, indeed, exist, though there are many theological debates about the form they take, what power they have in our physical world — and how each came into existence.

Topics: Inspiration
5 min read

Kendrick Brothers Movies That Inspire: 'War Room,' 'Fireproof' & More!

By Billy Hallowell on January 6, 2023

The Kendrick brothers have made some of the most powerful and transformational Christian films. Kendrick brothers movies include: "Overcomer," "Fireproof," "Courageous," "War Room," "Flywheel," "Facing the Giants" and "Extraordinary."

Topics: Movies Christian Movies
6 min read

The Best Christian Christmas Movies To Watch Right Now in 2022

By Billy Hallowell on December 4, 2022

Christmas can be a hectic time of year with traditions, gatherings and shopping. Why not take some time to relax with the best Christian Christmas movies on Pure Flix? This year, we have more than 190 Christmas movies and shows that will be sure to please family members of all ages. Here are just a few of our favorites, currently streaming this year.


Topics: Movies Christmas
10 min read

All the Best & Exciting Christmas Movies on Pure Flix This Holiday Season

By Billy Hallowell on November 23, 2022

With Christmas just around the corner, Pure Flix has over 190 movies and series available for your enjoyment.Pure Flix has the largest selection of Christmas movies streaming in 2022, offering you fun-filled entertainment options that you can enjoy throughout the Christmas season.

The Pure Flix lineup of Christian Christmas movies has the variety your family wants and the values you can trust. Discover the difference that positive entertainment can make in your home and Celebrate Christmas with Pure Flix!

Topics: Christmas Movie List
10 min read

Kids Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Children and Grandchildren

By Billy Hallowell on November 18, 2022

Tis the season to celebrate Jesus' birth — and to enjoy wholesome kids Christmas movies with your family! 

Topics: Christmas
10 min read

10 Must-Watch Jesus Movies and Shows

By Billy Hallowell on October 12, 2022

Jesus’ life is truly fascinating, and if you’re looking to explore Him more intensely, you’ve come to the right place. Pure Flix has a plethora of movies about Jesus available for your enjoyment. These Bible-themed documentaries, shows and movies about Jesus offer evidence for Christ’s existence, details on his life and faith-building information that will inspire you.

Topics: Movie List
4 min read

7 Great Baseball Movies You Don’t Want to Miss

By Billy Hallowell on October 4, 2022

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for movies about baseball that will inspire you and your family. We’ve assembled some great baseball movies that you can curl up and watch — films that deal with trials, tribulations and overcoming the odds.

Topics: Movie List
9 min read

11 Christian Movies About the End Times

By Billy Hallowell on September 30, 2022

Christian writers and filmmakers have created various interpretations of the end times, and although Christians should not depend on a movie as Gospel truth, films do inspire us to think, study, and investigate the scriptures for ourselves. This list of rapture movies about the end times will help you explore important biblical themes and imagine what the biblical end times might look like.

Topics: Christianity Movie List
8 min read

'God's Not Dead: Rise Up': A New 'God's Not Dead' Movie Is On The Way

By Billy Hallowell on September 14, 2022

"God's Not Dead," the iconic film that stunned the world with its viral success after its 2014 theatrical release, continues to captivate audiences, offering individuals and families powerful examples of life-change, reliance and transformation.

Topics: Christian Movies Pure Flix Originals
5 min read

6 Powerful Christian Football Movies

By Billy Hallowell on September 9, 2022

Fall is upon us and that means football has returned. Whether you are a diehard pigskin fan or a casual observer, there is something to learn from these Christian football movies: perseverance, determination and how to have faith when it seems hopeless.

Topics: Movies Family Sports Movie List
4 min read

The History of 'God's Not Dead' & the 4th Installment of GND Series

By Billy Hallowell on August 26, 2022

Actor David A.R. White recently revealed that the popular “God’s Not Dead” series started with the goal of sparking essential conversations about God.

3 min read

5 Powerful ‘Miracles From Heaven’ Quotes That Inspire Us to Cling to God Amid Chaos and the Unexpected

By Billy Hallowell on August 15, 2022

When 6-year-old Annabel Beam suddenly fell ill with an incurable disease in 2008, her parents were beside themselves, desperately begging God for a miracle.

Topics: Movies
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