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When astronaut Sarah Hughes finds herself facing a death-defying situation aboard the International Space Station, hope turns up at just the right time. 

In season two, episode eight of's "The Encounter" series, Hughes finds herself alone on the space station when a micro-meteor suddenly damages the vessel.

And when subsequent chaos breaks out, "The Man" (Jesus) emerges at just the right time. Hughes, an atheist, is shocked when she sees Christ, and initially assumes she's hallucinating. Soon, she realizes this is anything but the case.

Listen to today's "The Encounter" devotional:

God Can Help Us Through

When Christ shows up, he tells Hughes, "I'm the one you've been denying. ... if you put you're trust in me, I can help you get through it."

And considering the situation she faced, her eventual reliance on Jesus meant everything. We, too, might find ourselves denying or at least avoiding God. In the end, this does nothing to benefit us and everything to hinder us.

You Can't See God, But He's There for You

The next lesson worth heeding: It's easy to feel alone in life, but God is there for us. Many times — like Hughes — we simply refuse to experience Him.

At one point we see Hughes proclaim, "Human kind doesn't need some daddy in the sky to explain why the sun rises every day."

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Jesus, though, shows her the importance of his existence. He points to the complexities of the human body and so many other elements to show the power of design. Romans 1:20 (NIV) perfectly explains the existence of God: 

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse."

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God Has a Plan For You

We should also remember that Jesus has a plan for each one of our lives — and all we have to do is seek and ask. Jesus tells Hughes in "The Encounter" that, despite her unbelief, he has a plan for her life. And all she has to do is trust him. The same goes for us.

We can understand God's purposes when we pause, pray, read scripture and open our hearts to the one and only truth. 

Forgiveness Matters

The final lesson: forgiveness matters. It's so easy to get caught up in anger and disappointment. But when we refuse to forgive, we lose our own footing.

Many people believe forgiveness is predicated on granting someone else grace — and to a degree this is true.

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But what forgiveness truly does is free us from the hate, anger and frustration that holds us back from God's blessings in our lives. 

"Until you learn to forgive, you can't move on and face your fears," Jesus tells Hughes. The same is true in our own lives.

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