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Actor Bruce Marchiano, star of Pure Flix's "The Encounter" series, passionately believes in the importance of an entertainment space where people can access safe and uplifting TV shows and movies — a positive venue where parents don't have to worry about what their kids are watching.

And Marchiano strongly believes Pure Flix is this essential space for Christian and family-friendly content that transforms, enriches and entertains hearts and minds.

During a recent gathering with Pure Flix supporters, Marchiano revealed an experience that left him more deeply pondering the tragic state of entertainment. 

The actor recalled how he, his wife and children were watching TV together one day when he suddenly felt embarrassed and uncomfortable by what they were seeing.


"I was sitting in front of the TV with my family and ... just based on the commercials alone, I was so struck by the direction of where this is all going, by the depravity, by the celebration of debauchery," Marchiano said. "I'm sitting there with my son and my daughter and my wife and I'm embarrassed — and I'm reaching for the remote to change the channel."

Watch Marchiano explain why he believes Pure Flix is so essential (and read more about his life story here):

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