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Updated on June 19, 2017 by Sarah Hartland Sarah Hartland

7 Summer Movies Your Kids Will Love

Summer is here! Time for long days in the sun and lots of family fun. But at the end of the  day, sometimes a movie at home in the air conditioning is exactly what’s needed. Summer movies that the entire family can enjoy can be hard to find.

Here are 7 summer movies you can feel good about watching:

Sweet, Sweet Summertime

Watch "Sweet, Sweet, Summertime" on PureFlix.com 

With summer vacation just underway, Caleb’s father announces that they’ll be moving from their country-style home to the city. Caleb and his best friend Blake put a plan together to make it the best summer ever.

Watch "Sweet, Sweet, Summertime" Now ⟶

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

Watch "Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" on PureFlix.com

Dustin and his two twelve12-year-old buddies are looking forward to a summer of fun in 1970. When Dustin mows the lawn of an old elderly man from his church, a unique friendship develops. What happens the rest of the summer is something Dustin and his friends will never forget.

Watch "Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" Now ⟶

Divine Will

Watch "Divine Will" on PureFlix.com

Life in Punkyville, Kentucky has always been a bit unconventional. When Will Blessing arrives, things really get interesting. Will comes with his uncle, Dave, a former rock star in the 90's band Isolation, who has been hired as the church's new choir director. Under Dave's talented leadership the choir begins to thrive. Meanwhile, the mysterious Will begins to affect the town with a divine gift of his own. Faith, love and laughter intertwine as Punkyville becomes a town of music and miracles.

Watch "Divine Will" Now ⟶

Summer Snow

Watch "Summer Snow" on PureFlix.com

After his wife passes, a father is faced with the task of raising three children. The youngest, Hallie, tests his mettle by helping people in "creative ways." The father not only overcomes his daughter's best intentions, but ultimately discovers that with God's love, anything is possible.

Watch "Summer Snow" Now ⟶

Summer Eleven

Watch "Summer Eleven" on PureFlix.com

Four inseparable 11-year-old girls share the last summer before middle school in this charming coming of age story. Vanessa is an aspiring actress up for her first feature film.

Parental Warning: Mild Language (OMG)

Watch "Summer Eleven" Now ⟶

The Current

Watch "The Current" on PureFlix.com

Jake loves living in Chicago, but when big- city violence hits a little close to him, his parents buy a campground in rural Minnesota and moves the family there. Jake hates living at the campground until he meets Peter, the boy from across the river. The two quickly become best friends and spend a fun-filled summer together on the river. In one of their conversations, Peter shares his faith with Jake. Jake uses his new faith to help a friend through a tragedy.

Watch "The Current" Now ⟶

Amazing Love


When conflict erupts during a youth group camping trip, a pastor shares the story of Old Testament prophet, Hosea, to calm the waters. A beautiful tale with flashbacks to the ancient story, “Amazing Love” is a modern rendition of a Bible story your whole family will enjoy.

Watch "Amazing Love" Now ⟶

For even more summer movies, browse thousands more titles at PureFlix.com.

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