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In a culture where manhood is often discussed only in negative terms, celebrating men as fathers is crucial. Father’s Day doesn’t get as much attention as Mother's Day, but it is just as important that we set aside some time to say “thanks” to dads everywhere. These movies about fathers highlight the importance of fatherhood and will leave you with important lessons about what it means to be a dad. 

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Movies About Fathers on Pure Flix


Beckman Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

Beckman stops living as a cruel gun for hire and is taken in by a pastor. But when a cult leader kidnaps his adopted daughter, he reverts to his old ways. Will he remember his faith and save his soul? *Parental Warning: Violence, Mature Subjects, & Intense Scenes*

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Courage Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

Aspiring author Robert organizes a quick getaway with his wife and daughter designed to rebuild their estranged relationship with his daughter. But when a powerful storm hits, they are forced to make a crash landing on Bear Island. With no way to reach the mainland, the three castaways find that they must rely on their faith - and each other - to survive. *Parental Warning: Language*

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Faith of Our Fathers

Faith of our Fathers Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

Two fathers leave a legacy for their children, proving the devastation of war cannot break the love of a father for his son.

Stream the Pure Flix original "Faith of Our Fathers" with a free trial today!


Woodlawn Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

A message of hope and love leads to a spiritual awakening that inspires a star athlete to overcome the hate that surrounds him.

Stream the true story "Woodlawn" right now!


Princess Cut

Princess Cut Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

What does this family “rom-com” have to do with dads? Everything. In “Princess Cut,” Grace longs for “Mr. Right,” but her father is there to guide and protect her in her search. This movie is a charming example of the impact fathers have on their daughters long into adulthood.

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The Father’s Love

The Father's Love Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

We sometimes forget why we call God our “Heavenly Father.” This film will leave you pondering the beautiful parallels between how we relate to our earthly fathers and our Father in Heaven.

Stream "The Father's Love" right now!

The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

Grandfathers are full of wisdom, and “The Ultimate Gift” explores the impact of one grandfather has even after he is gone. In this heartwarming family comedy, a spoiled trust-fund kid learns a series of important life lessons as he completes all his grandfather’s requirements to earn his inheritance.

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BONUS: TV Shows About Fathers

Raising Expectations

Raising Expectations Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

Child psychologist and author Paige Wayney and her architect husband Wayne, have worked hard at raising their five children to be multi-exceptional. They succeeded four out of five times! *Parental Warning: Mature Subjects*

Stream the series "Raising Expectations" right now!

Malibu Dan: The Family Man

Malibu Dan The Family Man Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

Malibu Dan follows Dan Marshall as he juggles his home life with wife and daughter and the demands as co-host of the pre-dawn talk show "Good Morning, Malibu."

Stream the Pure Flix original "Malibu Dan: The Family Man" with a free trial to Pure Flix today!

The Cowboy Way

The Cowboy Way Movies About Fathers Pure Flix

Three modern-day Alabama cowboys work hard, play hard, and then go home to their families in this INSP original series.

Stream "The Cowboy Way" on Pure Flix right now.

That brings us to our list of movies about fathers. We hope you found something you'd like to stream! And don't miss out on your free trial to Pure Flix to watch these and thousands of other faith and family-friendly entertainment options!

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