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If you haven’t seen “Wish for Christmas” yet, you’re missing out on one of the most popular family movies on “Wish for Christmas” is the story of a self-centered high schooler named Anna, who wishes her parent’s faith away when they insist she attend Christmas Eve service instead of the town’s Winter Ball. What follows teaches her the value of faith, friendship, selfless love, and the true meaning of Christmas.

“Wish for Christmas” is not only heartwarming, it is fun for the whole family. Starring comedic talents like Joey Lawrence (“Luke”), Disney Channel’s Leigh Allyn-Baker (“Elizabeth”), and Bill Engvall (“Santa”), it should be no surprise that “Wish for Christmas” will have your entire family laughing along. But what you might not have realized is that many of the funniest moments from the movie were ad libbed by cast members who added their own personal touches to their characters.

Director and producer John Graham explained, “As a director my job is to ensure that the story gets told and to collaborate with the actors in that telling. Giving them the freedom to add flair and personality to the film is integral in making something that feels fresh and genuine.”

Here are seven moments from “Wish for Christmas” that you can’t find in the original script:

“Hey a hundred bucks! Well, Mr. Rockefeller…”

Bill Engvall plays a less-than-honest Santa bell ringer down on his luck. In the scene where Luke gives him a generous donation, Bill added this fun, snarky line.

“Hey, Princess!”

“Bill also added the term ‘princess’ to refer to Anna throughout his scenes,” director John Graham told Pure Flix Insider, “It was a really nice touch.” You’ll notice this nickname throughout the movie.

“Phew, that’ll do it.”

In one funny scene, Elizabeth takes her daughter Anna to a tattoo parlor, much to Anna’s surprise. In the tattoo parlor, when the two of them see the piercing needle, Leigh-Allyn Baker whistles and says, “Phew, that’ll do it,” while Anna nervously looks on. John told Pure Flix Insider, “Leigh actually had a plethora of options that made picking which line to use really difficult for Alexandra and I, because they were all hilarious.”

“Oh! That’s right. I’m just doing this until my penthouse is ready. You don’t think I’m poor?”  

Anna accuses Santa of stealing from the donation box, protesting that the money is for the poor.

The original line was simply, “How do you know I’m not poor,” but Engvall added this sarcastic bit about his penthouse suite, adding another dimension to his snarky character.

“Who wants to meet Santa? Five bucks.”

“This line doesn’t even appear on camera,” Graham explained to Pure Flix Insider. “It was done during a take where we were not looking at Bill. It was so funny I couldn’t cut it.”

“Power everything, I love it.”

In the scene where Luke and Elizabeth take Anna to pick out her new car, Anna walks away from her parents who are super interested in the car. In the background you can hear their ad libbed dialogue:

Luke (Joey Lawrence): “She would look good in this. Power everything, I love it. She would look good in this.”

Elizabeth (Leigh-Allyn Baker): “Where did she go?”

Luke (Joey Lawrence): “Huh?”

“Can’t I be queen? No? I’ll be Duchess.”

As the family chats about the Winter Ball, Anna explains that each attendee would be given a royal rank. When Elizabeth (Leigh-Allyn Baker) asks what rank she will be and Anna says she’ll be a peasant, Elizabeth responds in a comedic British accent: “I was looking for something a little higher up...Can’t I be queen? No? I’ll be Duchess.”

What was your favorite part of “Wish for Christmas?” Let us know in the comment section below. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, be sure to catch it during the Christmas season on Want to share it with your friends? They can watch “Wish for Christmas” and hundreds of other family movies during a one-month free trial of

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