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Marriage is one of the most incredible bonds human beings can have with one another. It’s a gift that was created by God, with the Bible going into detail about the importance of love, respect and devotion inside of each union. 

Considering the importance of marriage, we decided to put together a movie and show list that offers some of the best movies about marriage currently streaming on 

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These films and shows will help us think deeper about the challenges and victories surrounding matrimony. You’ll learn valuable lessons from each character as he or she navigates marriage’s many ups and downs. Here’s our list:

“No Greater Love”

No Greater Love | Pure Flix

This movie about marriage offers an emotional story of forgiveness, revolving around a family and their complicated history. Jeff and Heather Baker were married for a long time until Heather abandoned her family. Years later, the husband and wife reconnect and a journey of forgiveness and hope takes place.

Watch “No Greater Love” right now on


Extraordinary | Pure Flix

“Extraordinary” is the amazing story of ultra-marathon runner and college professor David Horton, his wife, Nancy, and their attempt to finish their marriage race well. It’s a movie about marriage that’s worth streaming today.

Watch “Extraordinary” right now on

“Sacred Vow”

Sacred Vow | Pure Flix

They came together early in their lives. Now, they have a marriage that has lost its spark. Can Doug and Amber's love be rekindled and endure years after their sacred vow?

Watch “Sacred Vow” right now on

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“Marriage Retreat”

Marriage Retreat | Pure Flix

A funny, heartfelt movie about marriage that sheds light on the difficulties many matrimonies face and the simple solution.

Watch “Marriage Retreat” right now on

“A Vow to Cherish”

A Vow To Cherish | Pure Flix

One couple gets tested in ways they could have never imagined as a business executive is faced with the one vow he mustn't break. Add this to your movies about marriage watch list.

Watch “A Vow to Cherish” right now on

“Love Your Marriage Night”

Love Your Marriage Night | Pure Flix

Experience a live marriage event with “Love Your Marriage Night” from best-selling author Dr. Randy Carlson, recorded in front of a sold-out audience.

Watch “Love Your Marriage Night” right now on

Bonus: Marriage Series “Love Your Marriage”

Love Your Marriage | Pure Flix

In addition to movies about marriage, here’s a seven-week study titled, “Love Your Marriage.” In it, you'll learn practical steps to build and maintain a vibrant, intimate and lasting marriage.

Watch “Love Your Marriage” right now on

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