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Are you a fan of classic cowboy and western movies? is currently streaming entertaining old western movies — films you can enjoy right now with the whole family.

These western films and cowboy movies will take you back to a time long ago when Hollywood legends graced the small screen. Here are some of the best western movies and classic cowboy tales you can stream right now:

“Cheyenne Rides Again”

Cheyenne Rides Again | Pure Flix

If you’re looking for good classic cowboy movies, don’t forget to check out “Cheyenne Rides Again.” It’s about a lawman who poses as an outlaw, steals $10,000 from a cattle thief, then promises to return the money if he can join the gang —while finding a way to expose them.

Watch “Cheyenne Rides Again” on

“Come on, Cowboys”

Come On, Cowboys | Pure Flix

Ready for another old western movie? “Come on, Cowboys” is worth streaming. When the circus owner friend of the Mesquiteers is framed for counterfeiting by his unscrupulous partner, the trio pledges to maintain his interests and care for his young daughter. Cowboy movies like this are a fun and nostalgic way to look back at Hollywood’s past.

Watch “Come on, Cowboys” on

“Cowboy and the Senorita”

Cowboy and The Senorita | Pure Flix

As we explore western films and cowboy movies, we must include “Cowboy and the Senorita.” Roy Rogers’ most zestful musical adventure is about a worthless gold mine that turns out to have a hidden shaft filled with riches. But can Roy make the claim while he’s trying to outrun a trumped up robbery charge?

Watch “Cowboy and the Senorita” on

“Public Cowboy No. 1”

Public Cowboy No. 1 | Pure Flix

Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette are in one of the best western movies you won’t want to miss, and this time they’re dealing with some very modern thinking rustlers. These new criminals have taken up the latest technologies to outsmart the authorities, including shortwave radios and airplanes! It’s one of the best western movies you can stream right now.

Watch “Public Cowboy No. 1” on

“Sing, Cowboy, Sing”

Sing Cowboy Sing | Pure Flix

In this cowboy movie, Tex and his pal Duke square off against a ruthless gang trying to take over the territory’s freight hauling business. Among old western movies, this one’s worthy of clicking to watch.

Watch “Sing, Cowboy, Sing” on

“Boots and Saddles”

Boots and Saddles | Pure Flix

And last but not this, this is one of the cowboy movies you’ll love. When a young Englishman inherits a ranch, none other than Gene Autry takes up the challenge of turning the Brit into a real westerner. He convinces the Brit to use the ranch to raise horses, but things quickly grow complicated.

Watch “Boots and Saddles” on

You can find more old western movies and cowboy movies over at Enjoy these movies and thousands of others with a free, one-month subscription. You’ll have access to thousands of kid and family-friendly pieces of content — fun for the whole family.

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