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Calling all dog lovers! now has a handful of Christian holiday movies that feature your favorite furry friends. You can even watch one of these canine-casted films (“A Dog for Christmas”) for free with 5 Sundays of Christmas Movies.

This exclusive offer allows families to get access to one free Christmas movie each Sunday.

While has plenty of holiday romances, comedies, and classics to bring you and your family together this Christmas season, here are some favorites that feature man’s best friend.

“A Dog for Christmas”

A Dog For Christmas Movie Poster | Pure Flix

A Dog for Christmas,” tells the story of the Madison family and their annual, albeit stressful  holiday gathering. This Christmas at the Madison residence, Mrs. Madison is doing all the entertaining and housework. Mr. Madison keeps promising to help, but he can’t seem to pull himself together. While the Madison parents have a hoard of guests to take care of, their daughter, Kassandra, has other things on her mind: She wants a dog for Christmas. Unfortunately, one more responsibility is the last thing Kassandra’s parents can think about right now. Will Kassandra get her wish, and who will be the secret Santa that grants her the only thing she really wants?

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“A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale”

When spoiled college student Luce maxes out her credit card, she is forced to take a holiday job walking her wealthy neighbor’s dog. Soon Luce’s employer reveals that he plans to build a spa and salon over the local dog park. Luce is thrilled, until she meets Dean, a fellow dog walker who is actively trying to save the dog park. Dean’s good looks and persuasiveness convince Luce that a play place for their furry friends is a better addition to their city than another spa. Can Luce and Dean save their beloved dog park before Christmas?

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“12 Dogs of Christmas”

12 Dogs of Christmas Movie Poster | Pure Flix

Can you imagine a town without dogs? Emma O’Conner never could until her father receives an eviction notice and sends her to Doverville, Maine, where there is a strict “no-dog” policy. When Emma realizes just how stringent the mayor and his cat-loving brother are about the no-dog laws, she must come up with a plan to show the town how much better life can be with man’s best friend. Set during the Great Depression, “12 Dogs of Christmas” includes a canine cast of more than 100 dogs and is a heartwarming tale that will remind you how much joy your pooch brings to your life.

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“12 Dog Days till Christmas”

A troubled teen named Jack has spent his life in and out of foster homes. After a run-in with a shopkeeper, Jack’s supportive probation officer, Art, recruits him to do probationary work at an animal shelter. There, Jack falls in love with the animals, who, like him, don’t have a true place to call home. When the animal shelter runs out of funds, Jack and a can-do trio of female employees find homes for 12 unwanted strays just in time for Christmas. In the process, Jack finds some gifts of his own.

“Christmas Tail”

Christmas Tail Movie Poster | Pure Flix

Maggie adopts a golden retriever from the local animal shelter, but she has no idea that the dog’s family is out there looking for their canine. When Maggie and her son, Ethan, finally meet the dog’s rightful owner, bachelor Jack and his daughter, Olivia, they must figure out a way to have joint custody of the pup. As the foursome spends more and more time together, sparks fly between Maggie and Jack. However, the plot gets complicated when Maggie’s ex-boyfriend shows up and things go awry at work. Can the dog be a strong enough bond to keep Maggie and Jack together throughout the stress of the holiday season?

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To watch “A Dog for Christmas” for free, be sure to sign up for 5 Sundays of Christmas Movies. Although 5 Sundays of Free Christmas movies started over Thanksgiving weekend, you can still sign up to watch the last three weeks of this special offer. You can also watch all of these canine-filled holiday movies, plus thousands more, for free when you sign up for a free one-month trial of

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