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5 Christian Shows That Will Become Favorites

By Julie Tronsen on August 12, 2020

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Christians and parents across the country are increasingly disappointed with the inappropriate content that Hollywood sneaks into "family" programing. To take back control over their viewing content, many viewers are becoming "cord cutters" and canceling their traditional TV service for a streaming alternative.

In fact, one in every five households across the country has already transitioned to streaming services like Pure Flix. This growing trend has led to an increased demand for Christian TV shows on streaming services.

You can find many Christian TV shows streaming on Pure Flix, and these five are sure to become favorites:

The Encounter Series

The Encounter Christian TV Shows

Imagine finding out that your waiter or the clerk at the convenience store is actually Jesus. This series picks up after the original movie called "The Encounter." Each episode is about people who encounter Jesus at a moment when they are making a life changing decision. The man, who is Jesus in disguise, knows each person's past and current problems and helps them work through their actions based on Christian principles. These inspiring encounters keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to find out whether the person will make the right choice.

Watch the trailer for "The Encounter" on Pure Flix right now and sign up for a free trial to stream the entire series.

Sons Of Thunder

Sons of Thunder Christian TV Shows

"Sons Of Thunder" is a brand new show about a combat vet named Simon who motorcycles across the country working odd jobs, helping those God puts in his path, and trying to atone for his past sins in a biker club.

Watch the trailer for "Sons of Thunder" right now.

The King's Messengers

The King's Messengers Christian TV Shows

The King's Messengers is a mini-series about two refugees surviving in the fictional war-torn country of Zanora. Anwaar and David must learn to overcome their differences and work together to outsmart the dangerous Resistance Army. Along the way they learn to go deeper in their own faith journey.

Watch the trailer for "The King's Messengers" on Pure Flix today.

The Dream Motel

Dream Motel Check-in With an Angel Christian TV Shows

In this series, guests at The Dream Motel find themselves face to face with their past, their future, and their present. All things are possible for the guests of The Dream Motel.

Watch the trailer for "The Dream Motel" right now.

Ties that Bind

Ties That Bind Christian TV Shows

This fast paced Canadian series is set in Seattle and involves a tragic family situation. After Detective Allison McLean puts her law-breaking brother, Tim, behind bars, she decides to move his two resentful teenagers, Cameron and Mariah, in with her family.

McLean's kids are used to a typical Christian upbringing where they have stability and can pray around the table before meals, but their cousins are completely different. With their mom in rehab and their dad in prison, Cameron and Mariah struggle to deal with their new situation. McLean has to balance her police work with the problems at home.

Each episode follows a case McLean is working on and shows the progress of her niece and nephew as they try to adjust to living with a Christian family. "Ties That Bind" is a fast-paced drama with nail-biting suspense that is sure to keep you coming back for more.   

Watch the trailer for "Ties That Bind" and sign up for a Pure Flix free trial to stream the entire series today.


Malibu Dan The Family Man: Reloaded

Malibu Dan The Family Man: Reloaded Christian TV Shows

Malibu Dan follows Dan Marshall as he juggles his home life with wife and daughter and the demands as co-host of the pre-dawn talk show "Good Morning, Malibu."

Watch the trailer for "Malibu Dan The Family Man Reloaded" on Pure Flix today.

Finding Love In Quarantine

Finding Love In Quarantine Christian TV Shows

Amid a crisis that has forced everyone into quarantine, Rick Baldwin is seeking sanity – and maybe even…. love?

Watch the Pure Flix exclusive series "Finding Love In Quarantine" available with a free trial today.

The Chosen

The Chosen Christian TV Shows

Filmmaker Dallas Jenkins has broken records and boundaries with his new project, “The Chosen,” the first-ever multi-season TV series about Jesus’ life.

Watch the trailer for "The Chosen" on Pure Flix right now.


Vindication Christian TV Shows

Vindication is a faith-based crime drama that follows the investigative work of Detective Gary Travis.

Watch the trailer for "Vindication" available on Pure Flix right now.


Home-Schooled Christian TV Shows

A self-centered business woman, living in the city, is shocked to discover she has inherited five sheltered Home-Schooled kids in the Midwest.

Watch the trailer for "Home-Schooled" on Pure Flix right now.

For more Christian TV shows, check out the thousands of titles on Pure Flix. If you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up and enjoy a free trial.

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