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Looking for a romantic comedy to stream? In honor of Christmas in July, we’ve assembled a list of just a few of the entertaining romantic Christmas movies that are currently available on Pure Flix.

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Here are romantic Christmas movies you can stream right now:

Romantic Christmas Movies On Pure Flix

The Maltese Holiday

The Maltese Holiday Romantic Christmas Movies Pure Flix

Two single travelers travel to Malta in search of adventure, and find love along the way.

Watch the trailer for the romantic Christmas movie "The Maltese Holiday" right now!

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The Christmas Coupon

Snowbound for Christmas  Romantic Christmas Movies Pure Flix

Alison Grant, a former figure-skating champion, teaches skating lessons to children. On the first day of class, her old high school sweetheart unexpectedly shows up to bring his niece for lessons. You won't want to miss this romantic Christmas movie!

Catch the trailer for "The Christmas Coupon" on Pure Flix today!

Snowbound for Christmas


A few days before Christmas, Rachel, an assistant and in love with her boss Adrian, accompanies him on a trip. A storm blocks them in a five-star hotel where they are the only guests. It's the perfect opportunity to get closer.

Stream the trailer for the romantic Christmas movie "Snowbound for Christmas" on Pure Flix right now!

Deck the Heart

Deck the Heart  Romantic Christmas Movies Pure Flix

When an EVP inherits a manor, he's expected to host his family for Christmas. Since he doesn't have time or Christmas spirit, he hires an event planner. As Merry decorates and plans, she wins him over and helps him love Christmas again. You are sure to fall for this romantic Christmas movie in July!

Catch the trailer for "Deck the Heart" on Pure Flix today!

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Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel  Romantic Christmas Movies Pure Flix

This Christmas, Olivia Mead has one wish: that her single mom would find someone that can take the title of husband and dad.

Stream the romantic Christmas movie “Christmas Angel” with a free trial to Pure Flix right now.

Rodeo & Juliet

Rodeo & Juliet  Romantic Christmas Movies Pure Flix

Juliet heads to her estranged grandfather's ranch with her mother over the holidays, where she meets both a horse named Rodeo and young cowboy who change her life.

Stream “Rodeo & Juliet” with a Pure Flix free trial today!.

Christmas Belle

Christmas Belle  Romantic Christmas Movies Pure Flix

It's "Beauty and the Beast" at Christmas when auctioneer Belle heads up to catalog and finalize the estate sale of Hunter, the wealthy and temperamental owner. Be sure to catch this twist on a romantic classic!

Stream “Christmas Belle” with a free trial to Pure Flix today!

We hope you enjoyed this Christmas in July list. For more amazing content be sure to sign up for Pure Flix today. You can access thousands of faith and family-friendly TV shows and movies and start streaming clean today!

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