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3 Inspirational Moments in Saved by Grace

By Editors on July 11, 2017

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The best movies leave us thinking long after the end credits roll. There are many movies that do this, but none in recent memory have done as well as “Saved by Grace.” The movie is the poignant tale of a troubled police officer (Joey Lawrence) who wants to end it all, but a woman named Grace (Catalina Rodriguez) steps in and teaches him about life’s true meaning. Here’s a list of our favorite inspirational moments from the movie:

Rick’s Journey From Bitterness Back to God

Rick is a police officer who’s despondent from the loss of his family. Though Grace talks him out of suicide, he still harbors a lot of bitterness toward God and His plan. Early in the movie, someone remarks to Rick that “God is good.” In a sarcastic tone, he replies, “Is He?” Throughout the course of the movie, we watch Rick’s attitude slowly change as he learns more about faith and the healing power of love.

3 Inspirational Moments in Saved by Grace | Pure Flix

Rick’s journey tackles a tough theme to which many Christians can relate: being angry at God. Everyone questions God’s plan from time to time, and finding faith in the darkest moments of our lives can help us strengthen our relationship with Him and move forward.

Grace's Own Internal Struggles

Grace, though she remains a calm and devout Christian throughout her conversations with Rick, has her own share of struggles. In the movie’s flashbacks – which the director uses to powerful effect – we learn all about Grace, her troubled history, and admire her faith in the face of such adversity. In light of Grace’s struggles, we can appreciate her relationship to Rick and the role she plays in his healing. Rather than appearing insincere, Grace seems better equipped to help Rick as the result of her own circumstances.

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Reconciliation Between Father and Son

“Saved By Grace” also paints a compelling picture of an estranged relationship between a father and a son. Throughout his conversations with Grace, Rick goes through a lot of introspection and figures out what’s most important in life. Most of all, he learns how unconditional love can heal even the deepest wounds of the past. The reconciliation between father and son is touching to watch, and can teach families about the strong bonds that tie us together.

If you want to be inspired this summer, watch “Saved by Grace” and cherish this police officer’s compelling journey back to God after his darkest days. Through Grace and Rick’s conversations, we learn that love and forgiveness can heal all wounds. The dialogue, story writing, and positive messages make this movie a must-see.

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