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10 Must-Watch Jesus Movies and Shows

By Billy Hallowell on February 23, 2021

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Jesus’ life is truly fascinating, and if you’re looking to explore Him more intensely, you’ve come to the right place. Pure Flix has a plethora of movies about Jesus available for your enjoyment. These Bible-themed documentaries, shows and movies about Jesus offer evidence for Christ’s existence, details on his life and faith-building information that will inspire you.

Series about Jesus:

The Encounter

The Encounter Jesus Movies Pure Flix

f you’re looking for an entertaining drama that focuses on the character of Jesus, look no further than “The Encounter,” a Pure Flix original series about an authoritative, mysterious figure who transforms the lives of those around him.

Watch "The Encounter" on Pure Flix today with a free trial.

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The CHosen

The Chosen Jesus Movies Pure Flix

Filmmaker Dallas Jenkins has broken records and boundaries with his new project, “The Chosen,” the first-ever multi-season TV series about Jesus’ life.

Stream "The Chosen" and join the movement on Pure Flix today.

The Bible Series

The Bible Series Jesus Movies Pure Flix

In this 10 hour dramatic series, the producers breathe fresh visual life into this sacred text as the complete story of The Bible is told, Genesis through Revelation. *Parental Warning: Intense Scenes*

Stream "The Bible Series," available with your free trial to Pure Flix right now.

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The Bible Collection

The Bible Collection Jesus Movies Pure Flix

This collection of magnificently produced Bible films includes the epic tales of Genesis, David, Solomon, Jeremiah, and Jesus. Together, they illustrate the strength, courage and weakness of man and the faith that has sustained mankind for generations.

Stream "The Bible Collection" on Pure Flix today.

Jesus Revealed

Jesus Revealed Jesus Movies Pure Flix

This TV series takes a fresh look at Jesus Christ, using dramatizations and insightful commentary to reveal the original Jesus of the gospels. For anyone looking for more information about Jesus, this is the series for you.

Watch “Jesus Revealed” on Pure Flix right now with a free trial.

Jesus Accounts

Jesus Accounts Jesus Movies Pure Flix

Among movies about Jesus, this documentary brings evidence to the Jesus accounts, aiming to respond to those who doubt His existence. If you’re looking to explore the evidence, and to gain new insight into how to respond to critics, this Jesus movie is for you.

Watch “Jesus Accounts” on Pure Flix today.

Picture Perfect Jesus

Picture Perfect Jesus Jesus Movies Pure Flix

Almost everyone knows the image, but few know "the rest of the story." Warner Sallman's portrait of Jesus Christ is one of the most recognized paintings of the 20th century, indeed one of the most recognized images ever. “Picture Perfect Jesus” is a biography of this image. It’s a different kind of Jesus movie that is worth checking out.

Watch “Picture Perfect Jesus” on Pure Flix today.

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Jesus Movies On Pure Flix

The Encounter

The Encounter Jesus Movies Pure Flix

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only is "The Encounter" a Pure Flix original series, but there's a movie as well! A spiritual encounter causes five stranded strangers to take a look at their lives in a way that will leave them changed forever.

Stream "The Encounter" movie on Pure Flix by starting a free trial right now.

Parables Of Jesus

Parables of Jesus Jesus Movies Pure Flix

Watch Jesus' parables come to life in these seven dramatized versions of His stories, and feel the impact of His message. This is one of the Jesus movies that can offer some inspiration by looking deeper at Christ’s own words.

Watch “Parables Of Jesus” on Pure Flix today.

Jesus: The Desire of Ages

Jesus The Desire of Ages Jesus Movies Pure Flix

This is one of the movies about Jesus that tells the story of Calvary, and the impact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ had on those directly influenced by his ministry. Through dramatic retelling of the biblical narrative, this Jesus movie offers insight and inspiration.

Watch “Jesus: The Desire of Ages” on Pure Flix right now.

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Jesus The New Way

Jesus the New Way Jesus Movies Pure Flix

In this movie about Jesus, you will discover, through this powerful presentation of profound truth, who Christ is and the meaning behind His actions during His ministry here on Earth.

Watch “Jesus The New Way” on Pure Flix with a free trial right now.

Jesus: ‘Who Do Men Say That I Am?'

Jesus: Who Do Men Say That I Am Jesus Movies Pure Flix

The age old question remains: Who is Jesus? Through this Jesus movie, you can become aware of the pressing questions that surround Christ — and then answer them for yourself. Watch experts speak about Jesus of Nazareth in this film and gain new knowledge and inspiration.

Watch “Jesus: ‘Who Do Men Say That I Am?'’ on Pure Flix right now.

The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus Jesus Movies Pure Flix

This Jesus movie offers insight on how the sacrifice of Christ brings a new start to anyone who asks. From the reverend Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, this documentary about Jesus offers a faith-affirming experience.

Watch “The Blood of Jesus” on Pure Flix today.

We hope this list of Jesus movies, documentaries and TV shows inspires you to learn more about the life of Christ. You can watch these shows and movies with your Pure Flix membership, but if you’re not yet a member be sure to sign up for your free trial so you can enjoy thousands of faith and family friendly titles.

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