Bible Verses About Marriage and Love

Marriage is a holy covenant; one that is part of God’s grand design. In your marriage, you may experience ups and downs. Through it all, the Bible can serve as a great resource and comfort. Here are Bible verses about marriage and family to see you through the good times and the bad.

29 Bible Verses About Wives, Marriage and Love

bible verses for marriage

Marriage is an incredible journey ordained by God. Keeping Him at the center of your marriage is important, and that’s why these verses about wives, marriage, and love are crucial to hold dear in your heart. Pray over these verses with your spouse.

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10 Bible Verses That Can Help Save & Heal Your Marriage

bible verses healing marriage

Fostering a good marriage means exercising love, devotion, selflessness, kindness, care and a plethora of other acts and emotions — ingredients that, when unbalanced can cause turmoil in the home.

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15 Bible Verses to Encourage Mothers

prayers for mothers

Whether you just want to find a little encouragement for your mom or need some help as a mother yourself, this list of bible verses about mothers is the perfect overview of what Scripture says about the women we all know and love.

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Bible Verses About Strength

Fear can overtake us, but God is all-powerful and will offer us all the strength we need. Take these Bible verses about strength into account when you face tough times.

20 Bible Verses About Strength and on Faith in Hard Times

bible verses for hard times

In an uncertain world, we need to cling to hope. Fortunately, there are countless Bible verses about strength, pondering and integrating into our lives. The scriptures are filled with Bible verses that provide comfort and strength.

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38 Powerful Bible Verses For Overcoming Life’s Struggles

overcoming lifes struggles

Suffering is an inescapable part of life. We live in a fallen world and are fallen beings — but with God’s help, we can overcome even the worst of what life throws at us. These verses will encourage you when you need to overcome the trials of life.

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15 Bible Verses About Not Giving Up...Even in the Hardest Times

inspirational bible verses

Suffering in this life is inevitable, but Christians have a special advantage. Inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, we can use our suffering as a tool to help ourselves and others grow closer to God.  

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Bible Verses About Healing

Suffering reminds us our reliance on God alone. It drives us to pray and to seek wisdom from the Bible. When a family, church, or community has a shared prayer intention, they not only give the Lord an opportunity to work in their lives, they form a bond by reaching out to God in chorus

Depression in the Bible: How Scripture Heals Us

depression bible verses

Depression is an issue that tragically plagues millions, with the associated struggles often holding people back from fully living their lives. Scripture fortunately offers people plenty of advice on how to overcome related difficulties.

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10 Comforting Bible Verses for Illness

laughter in the bible

Illnesses can spark fears, worries and suffering, with individuals and families often emotionally crumbling under the pressures that sickness can bring. Fortunately, there are Bible verses that navigate the uncertainty of various health conditions.

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5 Comforting Bible Verses for When Tragedy Strikes

comforting bible verses

Tragedy in the media today can be a lot to process. We can wonder where is God when the unthinkable happens? Why does he sometimes seem to delay? Scripture offers these verses for comfort when tragedy strikes.

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Inspirational Bible Verses

Here is a collection of inspirational Bible verses can help lead you into a deeper understanding of who God is and what His plan is for your life. These are also great verses to send to a family member or friend in need and be assured that God can work miracles.


7 Inspirational Bible Verses to Remember on a Hard Day

inspirational bible verses

When it feels like life has lifted you up on a mountain, it’s easy to revel in the power of Scripture. When you’re down in the valley, however, finding hope can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are inspirational Bible verses to help. 

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What Does the Bible Say About Laughter?

laughter in the bible

The Bible can also be a source for inspiration in times of celebration and happiness, or if you need some brightness in your day to help heal. What we know for sure is that God made us to smile and He delights in our laughter. 

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Spread Love Through God with These 15 Bible Quotes


Spread the love around! Here are some verses that are sure to express a heartwarming and God-filled message to anyone who needs it.

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Pure Flix Online Sermons

When getting to a physical location is difficult or impossible, these online sermons will help guide you along your faith path. Pure Flix’s great online sermons help you get even more out of reading Bible verses.


Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer

Everyday Answers Joyce Meyer

Each day, we face hard questions that challenge our faith. Acclaimed Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyer helps us to live a God-centered life.

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New Season with Samuel Rodriguez

New Season with Samuel Rodriguez

Pastor Sam will usher in a "New Season" where individuals and families will no longer live in failure or merely survive but they will thrive for the glory of Jesus.

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Greg Laurie TV - Harvest Church

Greg Laurie TV

The pastor of one of America's largest churches delivers powerful, insightful messages about what it means to walk with Christ in today's world.

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The Classic Sermons of Billy Graham

Billy Graham Classics

The evangelistic fervor of Billy Graham is on full display in these three revivals culled from over half a century of preaching God's Word.

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How Reading the Verses Daily Can Help You

Do you want to find wisdom, contentment and peace? Do you feel like you need direction from God on decisions you face? Do you want to be the best parent, friend, and spouse you can possibly be? People who incorporate regular Bible study into their life have found it’s the best way to hear from God, shape their attitude, and refine their faith.

Tap into the power that is only found in God’s Word. There is peace to be found in reading His Word. There is direction to guide us like a light in the darkness in the way that we should go. There is power to resist temptation and avoid sin, and this power source is your best resource in life. Why not use it?

Fruit of the Spirit Devotional

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Enjoy these devotions several ways:

  • On your own as a personal devotional.
  • As a family, have movie nights, then take time after the movie to discuss and pray over the virtue taught.
  • With friends, watch the movies in an evening of fellowship, and use the questions and activities to foster discussion and accountability.