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Feeling Pressed by Busyness and Chaos? She’s Got a Solution.

By Billy Hallowell on May 7, 2019

With the busyness and chaos of life and culture intensifying, author Becky Thompson has an essential message for moms — one that can sustain them and offer an important reminder about what’s truly important.

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Singer Jamie Grace’s Absolutely Incredible Overcomer Story

By Billy Hallowell on December 10, 2018

Christian singer Jamie Grace is known for her stunning vocals and upbeat personality, with the 27-year-old performer routinely uplifting her peers with inspirational YouTube videos and chart-topping hits. But life hasn’t always been simple and care-free for “The Happy Song” singer; Grace has bravely faced some uphill challenges.

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Here’s How a ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star, Journalist Manage Social Media

By Billy Hallowell on August 6, 2018

The nation continues to experience a deep divisiveness — a splintering that has impacted families, friendships and everyday dialogues. Christians are uniquely tasked with the command to love God — and love others. And in an era when this is becoming increasingly difficult, it’s important to explore the ins and outs of compassionate discussions and interactions.

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The Secret Behind This Hollywood Couple's Long, Healthy Marriage

By Billy Hallowell on June 11, 2018

Successful marriages require selflessness and sacrifice, two key ingredients that, when properly balanced, can lead to long, blissful unions. Unfortunately, these attributes are all too often lacking, especially in Hollywood, where matrimony tends to have a tragically short life span. Yet some couples like actors Kevin and Sam Sorbo have had long-lasting and healthy marriages despite working in such a challenging industry. Naturally, one wonders: what’s their secret?

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