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6 Examples of Real Life Miracles

By Pure Flix Editors on September 14, 2017

Do miracles still actually happen? The Bible is full of miracles. Jesus healed the sick and the blind and even raised Lazarus from the dead. The walls of Jericho fell with just a shout and a trumpet blast. When disciples praised God in prison, their chains fell off and the doors swung open. Christians wonder if that kind of thing still happens today or if God only moved so dramatically in the past. Here are some examples of miracles that show God is as active today as He was at creation.

Topics: Christianity Prayer
3 min read

Creative Ways to Make Your Prayer Times Even Better

By Editors on September 8, 2017

Some days, prayer feels like a rich experience before the throne of Heaven… like being wrapped in the arms of the Almighty. Some days, your mind races with everything you have to do and constant interruptions make it feel as if you didn’t get to connect with God at all. No matter how good or how difficult your prayer life has been lately, there are ways to make it better. Try these tips to enrich your prayer times, and enhance your experience while talking with God.

Topics: Christianity Prayer Faith
3 min read

The Importance of Praying for Others with Your Child

By Editors on August 30, 2017

Praying for others is an excellent habit to teach your child at an early age. The Bible mentions praying for others on many occasions. Jesus Himself prayed for His disciples and for us when facing torture and death. Jesus prayed not for;

Topics: Prayer Kids Parenting
2 min read

5 Ways Christians Can Exercise a Positive Attitude

By Editors on July 25, 2017

Would you agree that life is filled with ups and downs? However, the more positive your attitude, the easier it will be for you to identify the silver lining hidden within each challenging situation. Once you have identified the silver lining, you will have the inspiration and the focus to overcome it.

Topics: Prayer Faith Inspiration Lifestyle
3 min read

Irish Prayers for St. Patrick's Day and Beyond

By Pure Flix Editors on March 15, 2017

Like many of the holidays we celebrate throughout the year, Saint Patrick’s Day is deeply rooted in Christianity. Traditionally an Irish holiday, Saint Patrick was actually a British Bishop who baptized thousands in Ireland. His good work is honored each year on March 17 all over the world. This year to help your family bring back some of the Christian emphasis to the holiday, here are some Irish prayers and blessings that you can say together on March 17 and throughout the rest of the year.

Topics: Prayer
3 min read

Inspirational Cowboy Prayers You’ll Want to Memorize

By Sarah Hartland on March 14, 2017

It’s a classic American image, the praying cowboy. Even today, at rodeos and horse shows around the country, before or after the national anthem is usually a moment of prayer. Life in the Wild West was tough, so it should be no surprise that cowboys, farmers, and their families had a lot to pray about. Rural communities still resonate with these cowboy prayers and the lifestyle they came from.

Topics: Prayer
2 min read

How to Pray for People You Don't Like (But Are Commanded to Love)

By Sarah Hartland on January 6, 2017

That pesky commandment to “love my enemies” (Matthew 5:44) has a tendency to play in the back of my mind during conflict. There are very few people I cannot get along with. My default is enjoying people, even if we don’t have much in common. Still, occasionally I must interact with someone who rubs me the wrong way.

Topics: Prayer Faith
2 min read

5 Reasons to Sing When You Pray

By Justina Miller on November 25, 2016

The latest addition to the platform is the modern day musical, “Divine Will.”  The film actually wasn't even intended to include music, but the talented cast had voices too angelic to ignore. While music in a modern Christian film is still a growing genre, filmmakers such as Sight and Sound theatre and “Divine Will” creators, Ken and Christine Jones, remind us of the power of music and it’s ability to help us lift our hearts to God.

Topics: Prayer
2 min read

Looking for Peace? Change Your Perspective

By Sarah Hartland on November 18, 2016

Have you ever experienced conflict with someone, and you both walked away with two completely different stories? It’s a frustrating phenomenon when you are faced with two perceptions of the same situation. So how can you find peace? The key may lie in changing your perspective.

Topics: Prayer Faith
2 min read

Transforming Heartbreak into Healing

By Sarah Hartland on September 27, 2016

“What if your blessings come through raindrops, what if your healing comes through tears?... What if the trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise?”

Topics: Movies Prayer Faith
7 min read

Walking Where Jesus Walked: A Holy Land Memoir

By Sarah Hartland on August 21, 2016

Shortly after landing in Tel Aviv, all forty three of us tired American students shuffled onto the large tour bus that would be our transportation for the next eight days. It’s an odd feeling, when the only thing keeping you awake is excitement and curiosity. I had been traveling for thirty hours already when we touched down on Israeli soil, so I don’t remember every detail from that first day.

Topics: Christianity Prayer
2 min read

9 Reasons Traveling is Good for the Christian Soul

By Justina Miller on June 28, 2016

It’s that time of year when the warm sun and long days make you want to drive out to the beach or maybe even put a new stamp in your passport. While time away can’t pay the bills, it can restore, inspire, and even draw you closer to God. Need more convincing? Here are nine ways packing your bags for a trip can unpack some treasures for your soul. 

Topics: Christianity Family Prayer
3 min read

Making Time for Prayer: Why Putting God First is Best

By Editors on May 16, 2016

Even the youngest churchgoers can tell the children's chat pastor that prayer is "talking to God." Any relationship needs communication, and prayer is our way of communicating with God -- both talking and listening.

Topics: Christianity Prayer Faith
1 min read

Crying Out to God

By Editors on May 22, 2015

We have another incredible story about a graduation ceremony being centered around God. We earlier shared Denzel Washington's incredible commencement speech at Dillard University.

Topics: Education Prayer
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