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3 min read

Ready, Set, Pray: 5 Best Prayers to Say Before a Big Game

By Pure Flix Editors on September 12, 2022

The big game is coming up fast and the coach has asked you to lead the team prayer. You suddenly can’t think of anything to say! What do you do?

Topics: Sports Prayer
4 min read

Irish Prayers for St. Patrick's Day and Beyond

By Pure Flix Editors on March 17, 2022

Like many of the holidays we celebrate throughout the year, Saint Patrick’s Day is deeply rooted in Christianity. Traditionally an Irish holiday, Saint Patrick was actually a British Bishop who baptized thousands in Ireland. His good work is honored each year on March 17 all over the world.

Topics: Prayer
7 min read

10 Ways to Put God First in the Modern World

By Billy Hallowell on January 4, 2022

The Bible calls on Christians to put God first and to live out Jesus Christ’s commands to love the Lord and love others. But what does it really mean to put God first in the modern era? It can be complicated considering the chaotic and busy nature of life, though there are some valuable and easy-to-implement tips for creating actionable steps for putting God first.

Topics: Prayer Bible Study Bible Verses Devotionals
13 min read

Depression in the Bible: How Scripture Heals Us

By Billy Hallowell on September 12, 2021

Depression is an issue that tragically plagues millions, with the associated struggles often holding people back from fully living their lives. Scripture, fortunately, offers people plenty of advice on how to overcome related difficulties, though some important distinctions should be made about the types of depression that can impact people’s lives.

Topics: Prayer Bible Verses
6 min read

How to Get Saved: What It Means to Accept Jesus

By Billy Hallowell on August 23, 2021

How do you "get saved?" What is the prayer to be saved? How do you reach salvation? These are just some of the powerful and essential faith questions that surround the biblical concept of being "born again."

Topics: Christianity Prayer
4 min read

Woman Delivers Stunning Act of Forgiveness After Her Dad's Brutal Murder

By Billy Hallowell on June 17, 2021

A woman whose father was brutally murdered when she was a child went on to experience pain, anger and bitterness due to her trauma — until an incredible transformation took root.

Topics: Family Prayer
4 min read

How to Be a Proverbs 31 Woman at Work and at Home

By Justina Miller on June 1, 2021

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” These first lines of Proverbs 31:10-31, like a disclaimer, warn us, “Ok, Ladies, this is going to be hard.”

Topics: Family Prayer Bible Verses Relationships
6 min read

Do Christians and Halloween Mix? Inside the Faith Debate

By Billy Hallowell on October 14, 2019

Should Christians celebrate Halloween? That’s a question that has sparked a plethora of questions and debate over the years, as some Christians and pastors believe it’s entirely inappropriate for believers to celebrate the holiday. 

Topics: Christianity Prayer
5 min read

15 Ways To Live Beyond The Basic Beliefs of Christianity

By Billy Hallowell on October 23, 2018

The basic beliefs of Christianity call for followers to embrace the gospel by loving God and loving others, and there are countless ways to live out those values in your everyday life. Find some creative ideas below for specific ways you can live beyond these core beliefs of Christianity:

Topics: Christianity Prayer
3 min read

Prayer Matters: Inside America’s Historic Reliance on God

By Billy Hallowell on May 1, 2018

Prayer matters. That’s a fact that America’s Founding Fathers recognized early on, as they embarked on a historical quest to establish the U.S. as a beacon of freedom. Flash-forward more than 200 years and government and citizens, alike, continue to invoke God on behalf of their nation. In fact, for more than six decades, Americans have come together each year on the National Day of Prayer to turn to God to ask for peace, unity and contentedness.

Topics: Christianity Prayer America
3 min read

The Best Bible Studies for the End Times

By Editors on December 30, 2017

When the world seems full of trouble, it’s because we’re not home yet. We know that in the end, God wins, but many people don’t know what the Bible says about the second coming. Students of God’s Word benefit from studying the end of times prophecy so they know what’s ahead. In Revelation 1:3 the Bible promises:

Topics: Christianity Prayer Bible Study
3 min read

4 Ways Morning Prayer Will Change Your Life

By Editors on December 4, 2017

Whether you’re a morning person or need a little extra motivation to start your Mondays, setting aside time for prayer can significantly improve your day. Make God part of your morning routine and start the day off on the right track. Taking just a few minutes to talk to God before you get out of bed can give you the mindset, strength, and fortitude to deal with the day’s challenges. Here are four ways morning prayer can change your life

Topics: Prayer Lifestyle
3 min read

5 Ways Your Life Changes After Praying to Accept Jesus

By Pure Flix Editors on November 28, 2017

Society tells us that we are the sum of our decisions and achievements, but what if there was another way to define ourselves? What if we could be more than the choices we’ve made or the experiences we’ve had?

Topics: Prayer Faith
3 min read

3 Prayers for Your Family This Thanksgiving

By Editors on November 22, 2017

By the time you gather at the table this Thanksgiving, you have a wide range of things to be thankful for. You’re glad you didn’t burn the turkey, thankful you can get off your aching feet, and grateful it’s finally time to eat. You probably feel an even deeper gratitude when you recognize you are surrounded by the people you love most.

Topics: Holidays Prayer
2 min read

How to Live Your Faith in Your Workplace

By Editors on October 16, 2017

Today’s professional world needs a new kind of Christian; one who is confident and mature in faith and courageous and effective in speech. It needs people who are willing to stand united in prayer, for only through God will the professional world be reached.

Topics: Christianity Prayer
3 min read

The History of Prayer Being Removed from Schools

By Editors on October 13, 2017

Fifty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court removed government-endorsed prayer from public schools, ruling the practice unconstitutional. The decision remains at the center of debate over the separation of church and state, and altered the way classrooms approached faith and religion.

Topics: Education Sports Prayer Kids
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