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How Christians Can Fight Human Trafficking

By Editors on July 29, 2017

Human trafficking is selling people, often young girls, into slavery. They are traded, sold, used, and discarded without any regard. People become objects, with inhumane and terrifying purposes. As Christians, we believe all humans are made in God’s image and that all life is precious. We can take a stand and each be part of the change.

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Was Nelson Mandela a Christian?

By Editors on July 24, 2017

Nelson Mandela didn’t say much publicly about his personal beliefs. Ministers who knew him say he was a man of deep faith. However, critics point out choices he made that are opposed to traditional Christian values. What is clear is that Mandela was a complicated man, who worked for the good of all.

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Taking Up Your Cross Has A High Price Tag

By Editors on January 15, 2016

The "Do You Believe?" team met Kelvin Cochran, the Atlanta Fire Chief who was fired for his faith. We asked Chief Cochran to watch the movie and share his thoughts with you, which he does below. Join Chief Cochran in seeing the movie this week when it debuts on and please continue to pray for Kelvin and his family.

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Life Imitates Art in Pure Flix's "Do You Believe"?

By Editors on January 13, 2016

It’s been said, “Life imitates art.” In "Do You Believe?", the newly added movie now streaming at from the creators of "God’s Not Dead", we meet Bobby, an EMT who loses his job for sharing his Christian faith with a dying man.

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2 min read

Christian Professor Fired For Mentioning God...

By Jim Schubert on September 25, 2015

Our Faith Is Truly Under Fire. Since when has the name of God become a firing offense? Unfortunately, real-life seems to be imitating the movies these days. In Pennsylvania, Dwight Anderson, a college professor, was dismissed from his position after he shared his hopes with his former students in a letter that included a reference to God.

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