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Bible Stories Come to Life In 'Sight & Sound' Theatrical Movies

By Greg Gudorf on March 4, 2018

For over 40 years, the Sight & Sound Theatres have been telling Bible stories in a spectacular way. Each Sight & Sound show is a combination of action, drama, and adventure brought to life.

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Sneak Peek into 'Champion' - A Christian Drama about Redemption

By Greg Gudorf on February 23, 2018

Having trouble forgiving someone who’s wronged you? You’re not alone. Forgiveness is never easy, and forgetting can be even harder. Still, Jesus commands us to pardon those who have hurt us. If you’re looking for the strength and inspiration to practice pardoning in your own life, watch the Christian movie now on, “Champion.”

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Sharing the Gospel When You Don’t Think You’re Right for the Job

By Sarah Hartland on November 7, 2016

In “Revelation Road 3: Black Rider,” Sophia asks Josh to tell her how she can come to know Jesus. The look on Josh’s face and his clear uncertainty may resonate with many of us who have felt caught off guard when the Holy Spirit moves unexpectedly. When Josh says to Sophia, “I’m not the guy you want for this,” her response is simply:

“But you’re the one I asked.”

This profound moment leads to the question:“How do I lead someone to Christ when I don’t think I’m ready for the job?”

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1 min read

Your Beginning Does Not Dictate Your End

By Greg Gudorf on October 27, 2016

Roman philosopher Seneca, a contemporary of Jesus, said that, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” This short remark is an important reminder for all of us. It is all too easy to feel discouraged when we’ve started on the wrong foot.

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