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6 Tips to Keep Christ in Christmas This Holiday Season

By Billy Hallowell on November 30, 2022

Now that Thanksgiving has ended, families across the U.S. are kicking off their official plans to celebrate Christmas by putting up decorations, trimming their Christmas trees and getting everything else ready for the celebration of Christ's birth.

Topics: Christmas Lifestyle
5 min read

Adoption Statistics: Important Facts About This Beautiful Act

By Billy Hallowell on November 29, 2022

Adoption is one of the most beautiful things a person or family can do to help a child in need. In this article, we'll explore some of the adoption facts and adoption statistics that give us a lens into the current state of affairs — and the positive ways in which children's needs are being met.

Topics: Kids Lifestyle Lifemark October Baby
8 min read

Celebrate World Adoption Day with 'Lifemark' Exclusively on Pure Flix

By Marissa Zimmet on November 9, 2022

In celebration of World Adoption Day and the latest movie from the Kendrick Brothers “Lifemark” coming exclusively on Pure Flix, we wanted to highlight stories about the casts’ own adoption journeys as well as some history on the holiday.

Topics: Lifestyle Lifemark
6 min read

Inspire Giving and Serving Others with These Pure Flix Movies and Opportunities

By Billy Hallowell on November 1, 2022

The Bible, and probably your parents, implores us "to treat others as you want to be treated." In the spirit of loving others like we love ourselves, we've compiled a list of movies to inspire you to give and serve others. We've sprinkled in some encouraging Bible verses that are sure to get you thinking about how you can lend a hand to those in your community today.

Topics: Christianity Lifestyle Thursday Night Club
16 min read

Meet Our Pure Flix Ambassadors: Social Media Content Creators You Need to Follow

By Marissa Zimmet on August 24, 2022

When choosing who to follow on social media, we know there are tons of options. It can feel overwhelming to decide who to follow in order to ensure good, wholesome content for your family. We’ve gathered some of our favorite social media content creators that we know will add encouragement, positivity and hope to your daily feeds.

Topics: Lifestyle
5 min read

Encouraging Back-to-School Quotes For Students, Parents & Teachers

By Marissa Zimmet on August 17, 2022

Cooler air and coloring leaves usually signal not only the start of fall, but also time to go back to school. The start of school can create a mix of emotions. We've collected some back-to-school quotes to provide encouragement as everyone enters the new school year.

Topics: Kids Lifestyle
3 min read

Looking for Peace? Here's How to Let Go and Let God with These Bible Verses About Peace

By Pure Flix Editors on July 20, 2022

Have you heard the expression, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans?” This little idiom reminds us that though we may try to control our lives, our plans are ultimately up to God, who rules the world with His wisdom. Yet, it is not enough to simply know that God is in control, we must actively surrender to His plans for us, a task that is much harder than it sounds.

Topics: Faith Lifestyle
5 min read

How to Volunteer: Share God’s Love Through Service & Bible Verses About Service

By Billy Hallowell on May 11, 2022

Jesus is very clear in the Bible that the two most important commandments for humanity are to “love God” and to “love others,” with the latter proclamation sparking important questions about how Christians should engage in helping others. So, this article focuses on Bible verse about service, a biblical definition of volunteer meaning and volunteer tips and opportunities that will allow you to share God’s love through service.

Topics: Lifestyle Giving Back
6 min read

8 Christian Mom Books to Inspire Your Faith (and Parent Journey)

By Billy Hallowell on February 11, 2022

If you're on the search for books for moms that will inspire your Christian faith, we have some powerful recommendations worth reading!

Topics: Lifestyle
4 min read

7 Simple Ways to Glorify God in Your Daily Life

By Editors on January 6, 2022

Do you want to feel more fulfilled, experience less stress, and live a life full of joy? You should – it’s what God created you to do! When you make His glory the purpose of every day, you fulfill the purpose for which you were created and live in a growing relationship with the One who created you. If your heart feels longing and dissatisfaction, it’s seeking that relationship. Consider these simple ways to glorify God every day.

Topics: Faith Bible Verses Lifestyle
3 min read

6 Loving Acts to Show You’re Thankful for Your Friends

By Billy Hallowell on November 23, 2021

In a busy world, it’s important to show your friends and loved ones that you’re thankful for them. And what better time to do that than during the holidays? After all, it’s a season when our focus is on family, friends — and gratitude. Thanksgiving is a good time to assess relationships and to plan acts of love to show those you care about how much you appreciate their presence in and impact on your life.

Topics: Family Lifestyle
4 min read

The History of Veterans Day: Why We Honor Our Heroes

By Billy Hallowell on November 8, 2021

As the U.S. prepares to commemorate Veterans Day on November 11, you might be wondering about the backstory and why we celebrate. So, we decided to dig into the history of Veterans Day to explore why this day is important and worthy of remembrance.

Topics: Lifestyle
3 min read

'Keeping Eyes on Christ': Actress Shari Rigby's Journey Into Hollywood Will Inspire You

By Billy Hallowell on October 19, 2021

Actress Shari Rigby is on a mission to spread the gospel, entertain audiences — and inspire women in their faith and raise up the next generation.

Topics: Lifestyle
4 min read

Is the Bible Banned in Public Schools? Here's all You Need to Know

By Billy Hallowell on October 15, 2021

Questions are rampant when it comes to the Bible and public schools. At the core of the debate is one central curiosity: whether Bibles are banned from public schools.

Topics: Lifestyle
4 min read

'Oh, Thank You Lord!': The Emotional Moment Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant After a Miscarriage & Prays for Her Unborn Baby

By Billy Hallowell on July 2, 2021

A woman's viral video revealing the moment she discovered she was pregnant after having a miscarriage is once again making rounds — and it's powerful!

Topics: Lifestyle
4 min read

How to Honor Fallen American Heroes This Memorial Day

By Billy Hallowell on March 30, 2021

Memorial Day — originally known as Decoration Day — is an annual holiday that remembers the servicemen and women who have given their lives in defense of their country. If you’re looking for how to show support to fallen soldiers, we’re here with some helpful tips on how you can honor the fallen from all branches: Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard.

Topics: Holidays Lifestyle
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