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How Children Benefit from Religion

By Julie Tronsen on February 23, 2017

When you bring your kids to church each week, teach them about Jesus, and pray with them at home, do you ever wonder what impact it will have on their futures? Will your children turn out to be great adults? Will they be kind and generous and help the community? You don’t have to wait until they are adults to see the benefits of religion on your children.

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2 min read

5 Family Activities for When You're Snowed In

By Justina Miller on January 25, 2017

The first day of being snowed can be a blast. School and work are canceled and you get to stay in pajamas as long as you want. But after a little while cabin fever sets in, and the kids have too much pent up energy. Here are some ideas to keep your family active and entertained if you should find you and your family snowed in this winter.

Topics: Kids
2 min read

7 Christmas Gifts that Will Get Your Kids to Play Outside

By Pure Flix Editors on December 21, 2016

Just because the weather’s getting colder doesn’t mean kids should stay indoors. The CDC recommends your little ones get at least 60 minutes of aerobic exercise a day, so for Christmas this year, here are some great gift ideas that will help your family stay active and healthy.

Topics: Christmas Holidays Kids
3 min read

Three Simple Ways to Study the Bible with Your Children

By Latonya Moore on December 20, 2016

The following is a guest post from Latonya Moore. Latonya is a homeschool mom who blogs at Joy in the Ordinary and creates jewelry for Alexandra's Authentically Made Jewelry

Topics: Bible Study Faith Kids
2 min read

7 Tips to Protect Your Kids from Bad TV

By Pure Flix Editors on December 6, 2016

Computers, phones, and tablets have put movies and TV shows right at our fingertips… and the fingertips of our little ones. With new titles constantly appearing, and with ratings often proving unreliable, how do you protect your kid’s eyes and ears? Here are seven ways to get you started. Do you have tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below!

Topics: Interviews Kids
3 min read

Kids and Tech Time: How Much is Too Much?

By Justina Miller on October 28, 2016

Tablets, phones, and TV screens. We’re surrounded by them, and our children are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. While this comes to our advantage when a toddler is cranky or the kids need to wind down with a movie, it’s also too easy to walk the line between a healthy amount of tech time and too much.

Topics: Technology Kids
3 min read

Are You Spending Enough Quality Time With Your Kids?

By Justina Miller on October 10, 2016

While we know that “they won’t be kids forever” and “they grow up so fast,” spending quality time with our kids somehow keeps slipping to the bottom of the laundry list. Perhaps it’s because 24 hours isn’t enough time in a day, or maybe we’re afraid of being labeled a helicopter parent - those parents who are overly involved and “hover” around all their kids’ activities.

Topics: Family Kids
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