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10 Perfect Dave Ramsey Quotes About Money and God

By Billy Hallowell on March 19, 2019

Dave Ramsey is an author, speaker, radio host and financial guru who inspires Christians and non-Christians, alike, to think deeper about their finances, budgets and future planning. If you’re looking for financial peace, to be debt free or for a total money makeover, Ramsey is the personal finance genius you want to read and listen to.

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8 min read

18 Christian Celebrities Who Are Changing Show Business

By Billy Hallowell on November 6, 2018

Despite what popular media would have us believe, devout Christian celebrities do exist – and they’re making a splash in Hollywood. There are plenty of famous singers, actors, and entertainers who don’t hide their Christianity. Here are 18 Christian actors and performers who you might recognize:

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3 min read

Inside the Absolute Brilliance of Chris Pratt’s Epic ‘God’ Talk

By Billy Hallowell on September 10, 2018

Actor Chris Pratt has repeatedly taken the opportunity not only to thank God, but to also encourage his fans to think deeper about their own relationships with the Almighty. Embracing a unique approach to discussing his Christian faith in public, Pratt has found a way to invoke God in difficult and unlikely venues without alienating critics of faith.

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5 min read

Meet Chris Pratt’s Brother: An Army Vet, Cop & Incredible Artist

By Billy Hallowell on August 20, 2018

A talent for the arts clearly runs deep in the Pratt family’s DNA. Cully Pratt, Hollywood megastar Chris Pratt’s older brother, recently revealed some fascinating details about the family’s creative genes — and some incredible facts about his own personal journey.

Topics: Influencers Interviews
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