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Reflect on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with 9 Quotes About Peace

By Editors on January 14, 2022

The pace of today’s hectic world seems to accelerate year after year. It can be so easy to allow our “busyness” to rob us of the peace that Christ has promised us. Prayer and meditation through the Bible and inspirational quotes about peace can restore a sense of balance in our lives and remind us of what is truly important.

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7 min read

13 Christian Instagram Stars and Famous Christians Worth Following

By Billy Hallowell on June 17, 2020

If you’re looking for top Christian influencers on social media, look no further! I compiled a list of some of my favorite famous Christians who are making a big impact.

Topics: Influencers
6 min read

10 Perfect Dave Ramsey Quotes About Money and God

By Billy Hallowell on March 19, 2019

Dave Ramsey is an author, speaker, radio host and financial guru who inspires Christians and non-Christians, alike, to think deeper about their finances, budgets and future planning. If you’re looking for financial peace, to be debt free or for a total money makeover, Ramsey is the personal finance genius you want to read and listen to.

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8 min read

18 Christian Celebrities Who Are Changing Show Business

By Billy Hallowell on November 6, 2018

Despite what popular media would have us believe, devout Christian celebrities do exist – and they’re making a splash in Hollywood. There are plenty of famous singers, actors, and entertainers who don’t hide their Christianity. Here are 18 Christian actors and performers who you might recognize:

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Inside the Absolute Brilliance of Chris Pratt’s Epic ‘God’ Talk

By Billy Hallowell on September 10, 2018

Actor Chris Pratt has repeatedly taken the opportunity not only to thank God, but to also encourage his fans to think deeper about their own relationships with the Almighty. Embracing a unique approach to discussing his Christian faith in public, Pratt has found a way to invoke God in difficult and unlikely venues without alienating critics of faith.

Topics: Influencers Interviews
5 min read

Meet Chris Pratt’s Brother: An Army Vet, Cop & Incredible Artist

By Billy Hallowell on August 20, 2018

A talent for the arts clearly runs deep in the Pratt family’s DNA. Cully Pratt, Hollywood megastar Chris Pratt’s older brother, recently revealed some fascinating details about the family’s creative genes — and some incredible facts about his own personal journey.

Topics: Influencers Interviews
3 min read

Roma Downey Opens Up on Life, Loss and God’s Healing

By Billy Hallowell on May 14, 2018

Roma Downey has had a vibrant career in Hollywood, but her life hasn’t always been easy. Downey’s mother died unexpectedly when she was just 10 years old — a devastating event in the performer’s life. Later, she faced uncertainty as she moved to the U.S. and found herself struggling to enter the entertainment industry.

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3 min read

Actress Roma Downey’s Powerful Lesson About God’s Blessings

By Billy Hallowell on April 26, 2018

The following excerpt comes from actress Roma Downey’s new book, “Box of Butterflies: Discovering the Unexpected Blessings All Around Us.”

Topics: Christianity Influencers
3 min read

TV Host’s Blunt Advice for Christians Lamenting State of Culture

By Billy Hallowell on April 14, 2018

“Inside Edition” correspondent Megan Alexander has spent her career working in the fascinating intersection of media and entertainment — and, along the way, she’s learned a lot of important lessons about faith, life and plenty more. Alexander, who is outspoken about her faith, believes that it’s essential for Christians to have a presence “in all areas of society.”

Topics: Influencers Interviews Pure Talk
3 min read

Feeling Hopeless? Pastor Tony Evans Has a Solution

By Billy Hallowell on April 2, 2018

Tony Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, is on a mission to combat the rampant hopelessness he sees raging in modern culture. “I see hopelessness everywhere, on every level. People have their personal issues that they're not able to overcome,” Evans said on a recent episode of Pure Talk. “Families are fraying apart. Even churches are losing members. The culture's split.”

Topics: Christianity Influencers
4 min read

3 Uplifting Gospel Songs to Get You Through a Hard Day

By Editors on January 28, 2018

Music has a great way of speaking to our emotions in ways that other media can’t. Whether you are looking for something upbeat to dance to, or relaxing songs for meditation, there is a genre for every part of your day. Gospel music is a great way to incorporate Christ into all aspects of your routine. When you’re having a tough day – tune in to God’s word and let Him help you through it with these uplifting gospel songs.

Topics: Influencers Music
10 min read

These 5 Men are Leading the Way in Christian Entertainment

By Pure Flix Editors on January 23, 2018

Finding positive role models and examples of success in our world can be extremely challenging. The temptation to compromise faith or give in to poor choices often leads many to surrender their values in the pursuit of fame and success. Fortunately, there are some Christian men leading the way in Christian entertainment. These are some of the men who are examples of following God both on screen and off:

Topics: Christianity Influencers
3 min read

If You Liked “New Life”, Check Out These Other Erin Bethea Movies

By Editors on January 6, 2018

You might recognize Erin Bethea as Ava Kennedy from the hit 2016 drama “New Life,” but did you know that she also writes and produces films? Bethea made her film debut in 2006 with “Facing the Giants,” an American Christian sports drama. Two years later, she starred in the hit movie “Fireproof,” which became an international hit. Since then, Bethea is at the top of the list for sought-after actors in inspirational film. offers many other titles starring Bethea:

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Columbine HS Survivor Says THIS Can Stop Violence

By Sarah Hartland on October 17, 2017

In the wake of recent tragedies, especially those involving guns, conversations about how to prevent such events are on everyone’s lips. Discussions about gun control, mental health, desensitization to violence, and more are everywhere. But one survivor of the infamous 1999 Columbine High School shooting, Craig Scott, says that the real underlying issue is one of values.

Topics: Influencers Interviews
4 min read

9 Christian Celebrities Who Are Changing Show Business

By Pure Flix Editors on August 27, 2017

Despite what popular media would have us believe, devout Christian celebrities do exist – and they’re making a splash in Hollywood. There are plenty of famous singers, actors, and entertainers who don’t hide their Christianity. Here are nine celebs who haven’t let their career get in the way of their faith.

Topics: Influencers Faith
3 min read

Andrea Logan White: 'We Heal from Each Other's Stories'

By Sarah Hartland on August 22, 2017

Often beside her husband and always smiling, Andrea Logan White is a recognizable face in many Christian homes. Her life and career have spanned the worlds of modeling, acting, and producing, experiences that many of us would view as glamourous and even enviable. But when White spoke with Pure Flix Insider about her upcoming book, “Perfectly Unfinished: Finding Beauty in the Midst of Brokenness,” her down-to-earth nature revealed a testimony all of us can relate to.

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