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The Fascinating Biblical Connection Between Passover and Easter

By Billy Hallowell on April 5, 2020

Easter falls each year either during — or near — Passover, a Jewish commemorative holiday that celebrates the Hebrews’ liberation from Egyptian captivity and slavery.

Topics: Easter Holidays
5 min read

Easter Eggs: The History & Traditions of Easter

By Billy Hallowell on March 24, 2020

Easter egg coloring is without a doubt one of the most popular Easter traditions. There are countless Easter egg ideas for creating the best Easter Egg decorations — but where did the tradition actually come from? 

Topics: Easter Holidays
7 min read

Notable Christian Quotes About Starting the New Year Right

By Billy Hallowell on January 1, 2020

Now that the new year is upon us, it’s important to reflect on ways in which we can improve and change our lives. That’s why we’ve put together some post-New Year’s Day quotes — Happy New Year quotes that will inspire you to live right in 2020 and beyond.

Topics: Holidays
2 min read

What Does the Candy Cane Represent?

By Greg Gudorf on December 23, 2019

Many of our favorite Christmas traditions are rooted in religion. Santa Claus, holiday songs, and even red and green as Christmas colors all have a significant meaning. What about the candy cane? While many just believe they are the sweet treat of the season, the history of the candy cane reveals the symbolism and meaning behind the familiar shape and colors.

Topics: Christianity Christmas Holidays
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