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10 Ways to Put God First in the Modern World

By Billy Hallowell on January 4, 2022

The Bible calls on Christians to put God first and to live out Jesus Christ’s commands to love the Lord and love others. But what does it really mean to put God first in the modern era? It can be complicated considering the chaotic and busy nature of life, though there are some valuable and easy-to-implement tips for creating actionable steps for putting God first.

Topics: Prayer Bible Study Bible Verses Devotionals
3 min read

Here’s a Handful of Ways to Maintain a Biblical Worldview Today

By Billy Hallowell on September 28, 2018

It might seem insurmountable to build and maintain a Christian worldview in the modern era. But there are practical steps that a person can take to establish — and keep — a biblical worldview. From embracing true faith to taking daily steps to live beliefs out, espousing a Christian worldview is absolutely possible — even amid increased secularization.

Topics: Bible Study Bible Verses Inspiration
3 min read

The Best Bible Studies for the End Times

By Editors on December 30, 2017

When the world seems full of trouble, it’s because we’re not home yet. We know that in the end, God wins, but many people don’t know what the Bible says about the second coming. Students of God’s Word benefit from studying the end of times prophecy so they know what’s ahead. In Revelation 1:3 the Bible promises:

Topics: Christianity Prayer Bible Study
2 min read

Exciting Youth Bible Lessons with 'Friends & Heroes'

By Sarah Hartland on March 18, 2017

Bible study resources abound for young kids and teenagers, but what about youth in between these age groups? In a season of life where children are coming into their own, teaching and entertaining can be a challenge. That’s why youth Bible lessons that are fun, exciting, and age appropriate are so important.

Topics: Bible Study Discussion Guides Kids
3 min read

Three Simple Ways to Study the Bible with Your Children

By Latonya Moore on December 20, 2016

The following is a guest post from Latonya Moore. Latonya is a homeschool mom who blogs at Joy in the Ordinary and creates jewelry for Alexandra's Authentically Made Jewelry

Topics: Bible Study Faith Kids
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