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Top 7 Evidences of Christ’s Resurrection

While you are waiting for “The Case for Christ” to reach your local theater on April 7th, PureFlix.com has several inspirational movies available now with similar themes. One key theme the movie deals with is the evidence of Christ’s Resurrection.  

The following are some of the most researched pieces of evidence that show the Resurrection did occur:

  1. The New Testament is the most trusted ancient document ever found. The New Testament is filled with historically verifiable details and records. There are more trusted original copies of the New Testament than any other historical documents ever found. It is 99.5% accurate which is a greater percentage than all other ancient records.
  1. There are non-biblical historical references to Jesus and the Resurrection. Roman historian Tacitus wrote about Jesus in 64 A.D.  A first century Jewish historian named Josephus also wrote about Christ and the Resurrection. There are several additional non-biblical texts that mention Jesus including the Babylonian Talmud which discusses the crucifixion.
  1. Luke is widely considered to be an accurate historian. The historian, Luke, wrote one-fourth of the New Testament, including an account of the resurrection. His reliability is an important factor in providing evidence of the resurrection. Both liberal and conservative scholars agree that he was a reliable historian and many archeological items have been found that support historical details written in his text.
  1. It would have been medically impossible for Christ to survive the crucifixion. Some claim that maybe Jesus just fainted on the cross and that was why he was seen afterwards. This so-called “Swoon Theory” has been debunked multiple times by medical doctors who say that there is no possible way Jesus could have survived the crucifixion.
  1. There was an empty tomb. There is documentation that Jesus’ body was placed in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea who was a member of the Sanhedrin or Jewish high council. Roman guards were placed outside the tomb to keep anyone from stealing the body. Despite these highly trained soldiers being there, the tomb was found to be empty of all but burial clothes. There are both biblical and non-biblical historical records all concurring that the tomb was empty.
  1. There were more than 500 reliable eyewitness accounts of people seeing Christ after his death. Many of the eyewitness accounts were from people who were persecutors of Christianity and were so convinced they had seen the resurrected Christ that they converted to Christianity. In addition, at one point, a group of 500 people saw the Resurrection of Christ all at the same time.
  1. There are no ancient documents with a counter claim. Though there are numerous witnesses to the Resurrection, not one historical item has been found where someone wrote that the Resurrection didn’t occur.  None of the Jews, Romans, or other scholars of the time documented any counter claim about the Resurrection.

Find more information on the truth of the Resurrection by watching the following inspirational movies on PureFlix.com:

1. Jesus: The Evidence

Watch "Jesus: The Evidence" Now

Who was Jesus? Was He born of a virgin? Did He perform miracles? Did He die and rise from the dead? Together, 40 historians, scholars, and scientists examine the Man and His claims.  Watch recreations of the life of Christ in this riveting documentary and make your own personal discovery.

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2. The Case for Christ’s Resurrection

Watch "The Case for Christ's Resurrection" Now

For centuries, millions of Christians have believed that the image of Jesus was projected onto the Shroud of Turin as He rose from the dead. This documentary analyzes historic records and consults with modern medical experts, carefully examining the ancient burial shroud in a new light. This is an exhaustive investigation of the ancient Shroud of Turin in microscopic detail never before possible.

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3. Resurrection

Watch "Resurrection" on PureFlix.com

When the Roman guard Claudius discovers something suspicious about Jesus’ crucifixion, he decides to investigate. He realizes that the Roman government is involved in a cover-up conspiracy, hiding important facts about the man called Jesus. He puts his reputation and life on the line to discover the truth.

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