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Now that Thanksgiving has ended, families across the U.S. are kicking off their official plans to celebrate Christmas by putting up decorations, trimming their Christmas trees and getting everything else ready for the celebration of Christ's birth.


The hustle and bustle of the season can sometimes place our focus on gift-buying, cookie-making and other activities that we love to engage in during the holiday season — but it's important that we remember to keep Christ in Christmas.

So, we put together some ideas to help you get the season started off right. These keep Christ in Christmas tips will help you both kick-off and enjoy the season:

Keep Christ in Christmas: Daily Plan

One of the best ways to keep Christ in Christmas during the Christmas season is to come up with a daily plan that can help you focus on gratitude.

Consider reading a Bible verse about gratitude each day (we have a great list here) starting the week after Thanksgiving. Reflect on these verses and take the time to send them to loved ones via text message or email to also help inspire them keep Christ in Christmas during the busy season.

READ ALSO: 5 Christmas Bible Verses and Stories to Reflect on This Season

You also might want to read through the gospel accounts of Christ's birth leading up to Christmas. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to keep focused on its real meaning?

The YouVersion Bible app is filled with Christmas devotions you can start right now — one of the best ways to keep Christ in Christmas.

Plus, you can go over scriptures about gratitude and the nativity with your kids each night. This is yet another powerful way to keep Christ in Christmas.

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Keep Christ in Christmas Tips: Movies

What we take into our hearts and minds matters. So, as you're preparing for your Christmas celebration, watch uplifting movies that have the power to transform your heart and mind and keep Christ in the forefront of our mind this season.

Pure Flix has a ton of Christmas-themed movies. From films that focus on the nativity to romantic comedies, there's no shortage of movies to help you celebrate Christmas with your family and friends this holiday season.

Check out some of the best Christmas movies on Pure Flix — films that will help you remember to keep Christ in Christmas.


Blast Christmas Music From Your Favorite Artists

For many families, Christmas music is a holiday staple. So, as you prepare to celebrate Christmas, search online to see if your favorite Christian artists have any holiday albums.

You might be surprised to find music you didn't know about — or maybe there's some new Christmas music coming that you simply didn't realize would soon be available.

So, while you're decorating the tree, stringing up the lights, driving to work or school or simply sipping on some hot chocolate, consider how you can keep Christ in Christmas by playing some inspiring Christmas music this holiday season.


From classics to new songs, there's surely plenty of Christ-honoring music out there to inspire you this holiday season.

Keep Jesus in Christmas: Start a Fun Holiday Tradition

Another great way to keep Christ in Christmas is to start a fun, Christ-centered holiday tradition. In addition to using Pure Flix to host weekly movie nights, consider exploring some Christ-centered activities that will help you celebrate Christmas right.

Grab The Shepherd on the Search, a tool that helps kids and families focus on keeping Christ in Christmas. Along with a book, the product offers a shepherd doll that helps families focus on Jesus' birth.

Much like the Elf on the Shelf, the plush doll can be found each day by your kids — but this tradition includes scripture and focuses on the gospel. Check it out.

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Consistency Is Key: Keep Christ in Christmas

One of the best keep Christ in Christmas tips is to remember that consistency is key. You can celebrate Christmas best when you're on track with your normal spiritual activities.

Simply stated: Don't give up on your church routine, daily prayer and scripture reading. We have some Bible verses and stories to keep Christ in Christmas to reflect on this season.

Sure, the season is busy, but remembering to keep Christ in Christmas helps us to honor the holiday in the best possible way. Don't abandon your quest to keep up on your faith simply because the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be distracting.

Christmas Celebration: Christ-honoring Decorations

There are so many ways to keep Christ in Christmas. Consider looking for holiday decorations that keep the real meaning of the season in mind. From wreaths to ornaments, there's no shortage of ways you can honor Jesus this Christmas.


A simple online search will help you find many options available on the market — or you can get creative and make your own decorations.

Either way, look to place some decorations up for your Christmas celebration that help you remember to keep Christ in Christmas.

Now that we've recapped how you can help keep Christ in Christmas this holiday season, consider streaming some of the best Christmas movies right now on Pure Flix.

Become a Pure Flix member today. In addition to Christmas content, you’ll have access to thousands of kid-and family-friendly pieces of shows and series — fun inspirational entertainment for the whole family.

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