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Thousands of children across America are preparing for Bring Your Bible to School Day — an event that encourages kids to share their Christian faith with their peers.

This annual event is set to take place on Thursday, October 1, 2020. And while Bring Your Bible to School Day 2020 might look slightly different amid COVID-19 for some kids who are learning at home, the in-school event is still going forward and is sure to impact thousands of lives across America.


Each year, the event sparks various conversations about religion in schools and other related curiosities. So, let's explore — and if you're looking to inspire your kids to take part in national Bring Your Bible to School Day, you're in luck! We have tips and information for you. 

Take Your Bible to School

So, what is Bring Your Bible to School Day 2020 all about? Focus on the Family, a Christian organization that created the event, explains that it's a powerful opportunity for students across America to "share God’s love with their friends."

By participating in take your Bible to school day, kids are empowered to express their Christian beliefs and their confidence in the "truth of God's word."

It's a respectful way to show Christ's love for their peers. You can read more about Bring Your Bible to School Day here.


In the end, the event is all about creating a positive conversation about the Christian faith and the Bible. Plus, national Bring Your Bible to School Day offers kids a chance to learn bravery and kindness at the same time! Parents can point back to brave biblical characters and encourage kids to show the same courage in their own faith walks.


"As a Christian student, your child can be a powerful voice of hope at your school!" Focus on the Family proclaims. "In the Bible, it was often young people who led the way for the rest of their culture by taking a courageous stand for their belief in God."

So, how do you take part in Bring Your Bible to School Day? There are already more than 512,200 kids who are expected to take part — and that number is growing. You can sign up to bring your Bible to school (or for your child to do so) here.

Religion in Schools

One of the biggest questions that emerges with Bring Your Bible to School Day is whether it's legal for children to bring Bibles into schools. Confusion surrounding the phrase "the separation of church and state" has often muddied the waters and made religion in schools a complex topic that is sometimes difficult to navigate.

But Focus on the Family has a wonderful primer on take your Bible to school day that offers some helpful legal tips. Kids are free to participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day 2020 and to bring their Bibles into their schools. In fact, they have a constitutional right to do so.

So long as children don't "substantially disrupt classroom time and academic instruction," Bring Your Bible to School Day is completely legal and permissible. You can read more about that here.


Focus on the Family

As mentioned, Bring Your Bible to School Day is an annual event sponsored by Focus on the Family, a Christian organization that pledges to share "the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible by nurturing and defending the God-ordained institution of the family and promoting biblical truths worldwide."

That's a tall order, but one that manifests itself in some phenomenal and life-transforming projects, including Bring Your Bible to School Day!

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