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For over 40 years, the Sight & Sound Theatres have been telling Bible stories in a spectacular way. Each Sight & Sound show is a combination of action, drama, and adventure brought to life.

The productions are mounted in auditoriums built for 2,000 patrons. The stages are 300 feet wide and wrap around the theater so that the audience is surrounded on three sides. World-class orchestras record original scores to back up live vocals. Modern technology and stunning sets, combined with live animals and intricately stitched costumes, bring the magic of the Bible to life right before your eyes.

Bring Them Home

Now these epic productions are available for you to view with family and friends in the comfort of your own home. has these "Sight & Sound" theatrical movies, filmed live, for you to stream right now:


Joseph | Pure Flix

The Bible’s story of Joseph is one of the power of forgiveness. This musical version recreates the drama of Joseph and his coat of many colors. His brothers’ betrayal, the accusations hurled by Potiphar’s wife, the dream interpretations, his rise to the position of Prime Minister of Egypt, and finally, the salvation of his family are all portrayed with intimate close-ups and sweeping wide angle views. You will be captivated by the drama and beauty made more powerful with hauntingly beautiful musical numbers.

Watch Now:Joseph


Moses | Pure Flix

The retelling of the story of Moses has culminated in an immense and vibrant production, through a beautiful musical that captures the inspiration of the burning bush, the intensity of the Egyptian plagues, and the magnificence of the parting of the Red Sea. The special effects are breathtaking. This production follows Moses throughout his life: from when his mother set him afloat down the river to when God delivers the Ten Commandments to him. The production has something for everyone: fear, excitement, sadness, and inspiration.

Watch Now:Moses


Noah | Pure Flix

This production of Noah brings a realism to the stage that’s rarely seen in the theater. The show follows Noah as he faithfully builds the ark as God has instructed him. In pairs, countless live animals board the ark that impressively fills the stage. This family-pleasing show is truly a delight. Lovely voices and beautiful songs bring this charming story of redemption and faith to life in a way that will charm and entertain the entire family.

Watch Now:Noah

Share the Glory

Sight & Sound’s unique recreations make Bible stories accessible for everyone. They are safe for family and friends. The beauty and technical creativity of these productions bring Bible stories to life in a way that can be universally enjoyed. They are a wonderful opportunity to share stories of faith with friends who may not be as familiar with the Bible and a way to bring God into the lives of those you love who may not have found their way yet. offers many opportunities to share clean, safe, Christ-centered entertainment with family and friends. Download the Christian Movie Guide for more ideas on clean, family-friendly movies to inspire and build your faith.

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