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Marissa Zimmet

Marissa Zimmet

I was born and raised just across the bay from Tampa, Florida (Go, Lightning!) and attended college at ECU in Greenville, North Carolina. I am a devout Catholic and am active in my parish in Charlotte, North Carolina. Outside of work, I love to run, hike, watch movies and hockey, and spend time with my dog, Rose, and my cat, Toasty, who are both rescues.

Recent posts by Marissa Zimmet

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What is Juneteenth? How to Celebrate Juneteeth as a Family

By Marissa Zimmet on June 17, 2022

Juneteenth, a combination of “June” and “nineteen,” is celebrated on June 19th and commemorates the emancipation of slaves in the United States. This year marks the first year that Juneteenth is officially a national holiday. As our nation celebrates this day, we can pray, meditate with Scripture and reflect on our nation’s history with our families.

5 min read

How everyone can relate to the  Main Characters in 'Live+Local'

By Marissa Zimmet on February 22, 2022

Live+Local" is sure to make you chuckle as you watch the behind-the-scenes unfold at K-HUGG, the local Christian radio station. “Live+Local” follows Tina and Tommy and their show producer Lucy of “TnT in the Morning” as they get ready to go on-air, create new bits and segments for their show and navigate the drama and rumors at the station.

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5 min read

Enjoyed 'Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters'? Here Are More Books on Biblical Parenting From Dr. Meg Meeker

By Marissa Zimmet on February 18, 2022

Pure Flix’s newest original movie, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters,” will be available on August 1. The movie is inspired by the hit parenting book of the same title that was written by pediatrician, mother and best-selling author Dr. Meg Meeker. In honor of the new movie and Dr. Meeker, we wanted to share her library of parenting resources and inspirational parenting quotes.

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5 min read

Top Three Lessons from 'Live+Local's Judge Not Segment

By Marissa Zimmet on February 1, 2022




We've all been in a social situation where we didn't quite know the rules or expectations. It happens at school, work ... and, yes, even at church.

In the new Pure Flix exclusive show "Live+Local," radio host Tina starts a new question and answer segment called "Judge Not" to tackle those sticky social situations with grace and humor. With the tagline, “Bring your grievance to Judge Not,” Tina guides listeners to solutions that help them remember how to point these situations back to the truth of God’s promises.

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