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Dave Migdal

Dave Migdal

Dave Migdal is the Vice President of Communications and Cause Marketing of Pure Flix Digital based in Southern California. He began working with the division shortly after its launch and is dedicated to helping Pure Flix get its message out clearly, effectively and with impact.

After graduating with BS in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Dave began his career as a newspaper reporter. He worked for such publications as the Denver Post and San Antonio Light covering pro and college sports, business and technology.

He pivoted to public relations and corporate communications after a successful run in the newspaper business, joining Sony Electronics to help the company launch ground-breaking technologies and products, including everything from DVD to Internet TV. He also played an instrumental role in creating alliances with Sony Pictures and Sony Music, bringing the three divisions together to form a powerful, unified marketing entity.

Dave started in his own PR/communications company in 2011 and helped companies—ranging in size from start-ups to multi-nationals—reach their potential with a proven mix of PR and perseverance.

A pro basketball fan for 40+ years, he spends his free time with his family at the beach (whenever a game's not being televised).

Recent posts by Dave Migdal

2 min read

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with PureFlix!

By Dave Migdal on March 19, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to eat corned beef and cabbage, wear something green, look for four-leaf clovers, and try to avoid those mischievous leprechauns.

As Christians, however, we know that the celebration started to honor the patron saint of Ireland, who brought Christianity to the country. For us, it's another day to celebrate Christian culture and faith.

Topics: Movies Holidays
5 min read

Pure Flix Q&A with NBA Team Chaplain Andrew Lang

By Dave Migdal on January 7, 2016

With Christmas Day marking the unofficial start of the NBA season, the Pure Flix Insider recently spoke via telephone with Andrew Lang, the team chaplain for the Atlanta Hawks.

Lang, a Christian who played pro basketball for 12 seasons, became a licensed minister during his playing days and was named to his position in 2003. He told the New York Times last spring that as a player, attending chapel before games "built his confidence and helped him find his voice."

Topics: Movies Christmas Influencers Pure Flix Digital
2 min read

'Passion' brings 2016 in with a bang...and a blessing

By Dave Migdal on January 5, 2016

There’s nothing like starting the new year off with an inspirational story that stirs the soul and lifts our spirit.

Just when we think we have a handle on today’s college-age students and entry-level professionals--both their positive and not-so-positive attributes--along comes a story about a large gathering of young Christians coming together and making a difference..

Topics: Christianity Giving Back
3 min read

Turning ‘Black Friday’ into ‘Bless Friday’

By Dave Migdal on November 27, 2015

There’s an interesting movement quietly brewing around the country that is seeking to change “Black Friday” into “Bless Friday.”

Most of us are quite familiar with this day after Thanksgiving. It’s when merchants all over the country try to drive customer traffic by drastically lowering prices on everything from fleece to flatscreens. To some, it’s way of saving money. To others, it’s becoming more of a day for service--not shopping--and a way to help reconnect with the spirituality of Christmas.

Topics: Christianity Christmas Holidays Faith Pure Flix Digital
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