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Bob Goff, the passionate lawyer and beloved author known for his joyful mix of truth, love, whimsiness, and theology, is on a mission to help people live authentic and happy lives.

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The “Love Does” author — a self-described “recovering lawyer” who gave up his firm to speak and write full-time and who helps rescue struggling and beleaguered people around the world — believes we can find true happiness when we intentionally dig beneath the surface.

“What we need to do is get back to knowing what we believe, why we believe it and what we’re going to do about it,” Goff said on “The Crazy Happy Podcast,” a new show from Daniel Fusco and the Edifi Podcast Network. “Show me happiness … show me joy in the rest of your life.”

Listen to Goff on “The Crazy Happy Podcast”:


Joy, Goff says, can be found when we dig a little deeper into ourselves. 

“We need to be shipwreck divers. We need to actually go into the depths of pain and all the other things,” he added. “You’ll find your joy by actually going a little deeper.”

Goff knows a thing or two about being authentic and vulnerable. Despite being a successful and busy bestselling author, he did something fascinating a few years back: he intentionally printed his phone number in his book “Love Does” and encouraged fans and readers to call him.

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Years later, he’s still receiving around 100 phone calls per day, even pausing to answer a number of random calls from strangers during his interview with “The Crazy Happy Podcast.” 

In the midst of those calls, Goff discussed the importance of making time and being available to others — something he is living out in a truly stunning manner.

“People are just trying to get something they need and they need to be heard,” he said.

Hear a preview of some of the other powerful interviews coming this season on “Crazy Happy”:


The author, whose latest book “Dream Big” focuses on helping people rediscover their hopes and dreams, also offered a powerful reminder about our ability to change who we are: “We don’t need to be the old version of us.”

And amid life’s ebbs and flows, Goff offered a powerful reminder that God is always at work, even when things don’t work out as people had hoped or planned.

“There’s a wedding that’s going to happen somewhere tomorrow and there’s a bride who’s praying for sunshine, and there’s a farmer who’s praying for rain,” he said. “And if it rains it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the bride … He’s just up to different stuff at different times.”

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