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7 Tips to Protect Your Kids from Bad TV

Computers, phones, and tablets have put movies and TV shows right at our fingertips… and the fingertips of our little ones. With new titles constantly appearing, and with ratings often proving unreliable, how do you protect your kid’s eyes and ears? Here are seven ways to get you started. Do you have tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below!

1. Talk to your kids

Empower and entrust your kids to make smart choices when you’re not there, by explaining the danger in films that glorify ungodly behavior. Make sure your kids know what they’re allowed to watch and what’s off limits. For example, perhaps you set a rule such as “G movies are always fine, but PG movies require permission.”

2. Talk to parents of friends

Too often it’s at their friend’s houses that kids are exposed to movies and TV shows you wouldn’t want them to even know about. Before letting your kids visit a friend, explain to the friend’s parents that you’d prefer your kids didn’t watch TV that you haven’t approved. Many parents will be completely understanding as there are plenty of studies on the danger of bad media on kids.  

3. Use the parental controls on your streaming service

Many streaming services have parental controls that allow you to limit which titles your child can choose. If the streaming service doesn’t have this option, only allow your child to watch movies from the “kid” or “family” section.

4. Invest in a streaming service without violence and sex

Some streaming services, such as Pure Flix, are made for families that want to watch movies and TV without sex and violence. For a free trial of Pure Flix, click here.

Teach your kids good TV habits | Pure Flix

5. Skip watching commercials and previews

The fact that a movie is family-friendly doesn’t mean the previews before or the commercials during the feature will be the same. By skipping the previews and commercials, you not only save your kids from more TV time, you also keep their eyes and ears from movies and products you’d prefer they don’t see.

6. Monitor tablet and phone time

Often it’s on personal devices that your child is exposed to ads or YouTube videos that are not appropriate for children. Have your child use your tablet or phone with you there rather than allowing them to watch without supervision. Alternatively, put one of these apps on your phone for safe searching.

7. Be mindful of what YOU watch

Set a good example for your kids by watching family-friendly options. Save films with mature thematic elements for date night or after the kids have gone to sleep.

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